Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bus driver - Route 4

Most of the people's morning start by snoozing their alarm clocks over 10 mins of the time at which they were suppose to get up. Then running towards the bathroom while taking a glance at the newspaper, making a point to check the horoscope to see whats in store for them for the day. Some how we complete our daily chores in the bathroom and put on the first dress on which we get our hands on, taking a bite of whatever is kept on the breakfast table and gulping the glass of milk ,complaining why its so hot, all the time mom n dad shouting why you don't have time , why can't u get up early or bath quickly,why u spend so much time in front of mirror setting ur hairs etc...phew... banging the door as we leave are home....running towards the bus stop...calling our friend who is either already in the bus or will board from our stop,asking him to stop the bus for a minute,praying to god "please make me reach the stop just on time".Then somehow you reach the bus stop and just as we keep our foot on the footstep the last thing that we want at that time is the Bus driver shouting at us..asking why can you never be on time? then you think how dare he speak like that and you spoil your mood for the whole day. That is what i feel is the kind of start we don't want everyday.
If you are wondering that this is what happens with me daily then you are not that wrong.This is what used to be the case when we used to come by Infosystems bus but our Route 4 bus driver,Adesh, is a person of some other material.

Almost in every two days , i have to stop the bus for my friends who some how fail to reach on time and everytime i tell him "Bhaiya woh road cross kar raha hai,aap ek minute ke liye bus rok lo ", he will reply with a smile on his face saying "koi na,aane do'. I mean that guy never ever make a face or get irritated with that, infact he always make you feel as if its someone of his own for whom he is waiting and will wait no matter how late he himself is getting. As I have always seen bus drivers making a point to reach the respective destinations at time , otherwise they have to listen to harsh words of their supervisors and have even seen office building gate keepers noting down the time at which the bus arrives, Even then i have never seen him show any kind of uneasiness or hastiness.
Sometimes i wonder that even if i get heated up at the top , i can always cool myself off when i reach my office, in those airconditioned odc or wings but what makes him keep his head so cool.
Everytime you look towards him he will greet you with a pleasant smile and sometimes chiping in few cheerful statements like " aaj to jaldi aa gai,aaj bus yahan se pakad rahe ho". Rather than giving you a worst start of the day ,every day when i see him he gives my day a perfect and cheerful start.

I don't know whether he is very happy with his life or not and even if he is not ,he definitly knows how to make others feel comfortable and making sure that they have a pleasant day.

Even when somebody goes and tells him to change the fm station or increase or decrease the volume, he graciously reply"oh awaaz nahi aa rahi kya ,shayad volume badana bhul gae"

Even when our fighter bus helper fought with the guy whose car was hit by our bus , he very calmly handeld the situation and pulled our fighter out before he could be beaten black n blue.

I think its very rightly said "Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day" and this guy seriously follows this .

May God Bless him and always keep him like this.