Saturday, September 24, 2011

Am I insane ???

Taken by My Film SLR


Its been a long time since I had a Wow moment in my life and I perhaps feel that I do need something in my life which will make me feel how beautiful this life is :)

And the closest thing that I can think of at this moment which can take me to the level of ecstasy is Photography.

I simply love that at this moment and although I already have two cameras, one point and shoot and one Film SLR but in order to pursue my interest further I need to buy a Digital SLR. And the DSLR on which I have set me eyes is Canon EOS 60D. Although I have been planning to buy a DSLR since long but ever since my Didibhai moved to South Korea for her Post Doc, I kind of have a little more financial freedom :)

So the camera alongwith two lenses , one 18-55mm and another 55-250mm will cost me little around ....sigh..... 60K (US and Japan price , where it suppose to be cheapest) :D

And the first person with whom I shared this and who I thought will be the only person to appreciate it, had this to say when I asked him ,"am I stupid to spend 60K on a camera?", "Dude , stupid will be too small a word to describe it." At that very moment , it stuck me," Oh God, is it insane ?".

But since I am not going to buy it right now and still have time till December (price will be less around christmas :)) and also hopefully Rupee will get strong by then, so I have somehow convinced myself to go ahead with it. ( I am also evaluating just to buy the camera body and not the lenses which will cost 15-20 K less and use the Film SLR lens I have for the time being).

Ok I know people say that its not the equipment but the person handling the equipment who captures great picture but I am defintely not a believer of that statement, as right now I know I am only bounded with the hardware.

But the major problem still lies in convincing my folks to let me make this and probably my first and last extravagant purchase.
I still remember when I went to buy my first camera and set my sight on a low end DSLR costing 20K, they very easily discarded that and I had to settle for basic point and shoot.

Don't get me wrong I am not comparing quality with price but lets accept it , more you shell out better machine you get. And for sure you cannot do all stuffs like night photography, potrait, sports and for sure wildlife  photography with a point and shoot. Yes its no doubt good for basic family photograph or travel photograph but to capture the real essence of the scene you need better control which you can only get from a SLR. And most people say that why straight away go for a 40K machine for start, you can first try out with 25-30K one and then upgrade (something I remember my Dad said when I was buying the P&S, "The model changes every month"). Yes I totally agree, but I don't want to shell out 25-30K on something and then after 1 year so feel "Oh I cannot do everything with this " and start looking for another one. No I atleast want to make 2-3 years investment. Also the thing with DSLR is that hardware doesn't change with over the years and you have to make investments on lenses, which anyway I will have to do irrespective of the body I buy.

Taken by my P&S

Convincing my parents will be a big task. Although I have asked Didibhai to get me one from Japan as one of her Korean labmates frequently goes there and in that case it will be little easy for me to first purchase and then completely share with my parents but still I want to first  create the ambience where they already have an idea that I am going to make an expensive purchase rather than getting the shock later. Thats why I have also asked Didibhai that whenever they discuss anything regarding me just turn it towards he wants to purchase a camera :D

The thought of talking to them about it is just like telling them that I have fallen in love with a girl and I want to marry her . And somehow that topic seems to be much simpler and easy to talk than camera :)

Well at present I can just pray for Rupee to get stronger by December and my parents letting me buy it .

May be I will also have to think making money from it , probably as suggested by my Friend , do photo shoots at wedding (anyway I did that at my two friends wedding this year). Photo shoots at Indian wedding sounds quite initimdating :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

:-( :-| :-)

Its stupidly strange that I still identify someone even from the sound of their sneeze :-(

Even after experiencing so many yekkkk moment after watching it, I still make myself watch Dil Chahta hai. And now I will have to bear the consequences :-|

BTW I am reading The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. Story of guy who time travels. So far so good :)