Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sweets and Misthi Doi. Day 3

Sorry for not writing yesterday. Was busy reading and solving puzzles and also watching India win. 
Well it wasn't much eventful yesterday. Well we couldn't get tickets for the Alka Yagnik show :-( so had to sit most of the day at home. Although I drove dad around the town in my Jethu's scooty. It was quite fun driving it. 
Went to a sweet shop and had few rasogolas by myself :-). Also had misthi doi. 

In the evening I went and bought Mughlai and egg roll and some sweets. The best part about these places is that you get to walk a lot. I can definitely do with some walking owing to the amount of sweets and oil I am consuming daily. 

So overall a nice relaxing day. Will keep writing till then chao.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Vacation Day 2

Ok so I have reached my native place. The train was 1 and half hour late. Nevertheless it feels good to be here. The weather is quite pleasant. Although the morning and night are little chilly but otherwise its very moderate. Had Rasogola and chop and they were so Yummy. 

Went to my other Jethu's house.Although I met a lot of people but the one worth mentioning is my niece. She is so sweet and I guess the first kid whom you don't have to urge to sing a song or dance. You will just have to mention and she won't stop after that. 

Everything is good. Miss didibhai. Although its winter time so we don't have one of the common prob in bengal i.e. Humidity but the other problem of mosquitoes is still there. Have already been beaten 4-5 times. Will explore the place tomorrow. 

Tomorrow Alka Yagnik is coming to perform here. Although I have asked my cousin bro to arrange for the tickets but he was telling that we won't get good seats now. Lets see what happens. Watching Dadagiri's grand final( Sourav Ganguly's bengali quiz show) and the special guest is Sharukh Khan so another reason to miss Didibhai. Anyways. 

Enjoy everyone and will continue posting.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter vacations

Well my winter vacations have started. Yes this is the term that is coined by my colleagues. This recession not only put a break on our not-so-hard-earned- never-sufficient earning limit, it has also forced us to take ever-so-ready holidays. So this year after having already taken a break in march we are again asked to holiday from 19th Dec to 3rd Jan.

So my family san my Didibhai decided to visit our native place. So here I am siting in the train feeling nostalgic thinking of the times I used to travel with my complete family.

Since our tickets were not confirmed so we left for station early. On the way to the station we came to know that our waiting list is upgraded to RAC so that means we can atleast board the train and we are given two seats on which we four have to adjust. Ok not bad atleast we were happy that we are going. So we reached the station, almost 1.15 minutes before our train will leave. So what else then to sit at the platform and wait.

India is a populous country, for proof you should see any metro's railway station. You will be amazed to see the crowd of people coming from somewhere and going somewhere. Ok I won't go into to details of what all was happening there but just the things which are worth mentioning.

In India you will find human weighing machines installed at various locations. I saw a little boy coming down from one such machine, smiling sheepishly with his family waiting eagerly for him. Oh I forgot to mention the place was full of Bengalis by now. That boy reminded me of the times when me and Didibhai used to take a rupee coin from dad and then used to go to one of those machines. Then in case the card showed weight less than expected we used to be delighted and if it showed more than expected we used to say its because we are wearing more layers of clothes. My dad used to say his shoes are heavy,an acceptable reason for his excess weight shown on the card. Those cards sometimes have your horoscope or sometimes list a trait of some bollywood Actor. I don't check my weight anymore ever since I started weighing like a baby elephant as I know that I may have remained constant at that figure but by no means I might have reduced. But I know Didibhai must have checked.

Ok so after that I went to check the charts to see who are our co occupants as we have to share two seats between three of us. It showed some Dey and Poddar. Both of whom I expected to be some typical middle aged Bongs(Bong is a slang for Bengalis).

Right now I am sitting with I guess Mr Dey who is a middle aged half bald guy working in TCS New Delhi, who is going to attend his college reunion. NO I din't ask any of this to him. I couldn't help hearing it when he was telling all this to our fellow passengers. We Bengalis don't need topics to talk we just need people( One more reason for me to feel I am not a true Bengali). And if they happen to be Bengali then no matter whether we have met before or are ever going to meet again or not, but by the time we separate we can recite each other's family line especially about those distant relatives whom we have not met in ages but there locations or doing or achievements are worth boosting off. Our favorite topic is having pity on the sorry state of Bengal and sometimes if we are generous then we take that to India as a whole.

So now coming to Miss Poddar. Ya you have read it right she is a girl. She seems to have come out straight from some Chetan Bhagat novel. She is sharing the seat with my mom n jethima :-| on the berth adjacent to mine separated by an opaque partition. I saw her staring at me once and I quickly went to check myself fearing there must be something odd in the way I am looking otherwise why will she stare. She is wearing glasses.( I think I heard someone say cute :-P). This is the long I have ever mentioned some unknown girl on my blog.hmmm...

Well coming to my other co passengers. There are two families on my side. One a seemingly rude guy with wife and two kids who are like all kids, naughty, innocent and talkative. The other is a lady traveling with her kid and her father who is the typical bong guy who knows everything, can comment on everything and the most important you won't be surprised if he knows all your relatives or friends who are living where he lives.

So I will keep updating my travel account and all the thing going around me provided I get time and can access net easily from my mobile. Till then enjoy :-)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Something pointless...

Sometimes I feel like discussing everything that goes on in my mind, even the silly stupid things that I am thinking, with few friends. So many things that I want to open about. But the reason that people I think of sharing with, themselves don't open to me, make me drop the idea and secondly even if I ignore the first reason I somehow feel that my sharing with them makes me vulnerable in front of them and I don't think I can take there sometime unexpected behavior in a positive way.

I started writing this blog initially to keep tab of even the smallest thing that occured which I will share with someone later but now since that is never gonna happen I don't capture everything here anymore. Although I have matured enough to write anything I wish to without thinking about my audience's reaction but at times I do feel that I shouldn't make somethings public.

Initially I used to think that I needed a mute friend who could listen to me like they say "everyone want someone to listen" thats why I started pouring out everything to my blog but then I realised I don't only want someone to listen but I want someone to talk back too so thats why the quote got improvised to "Everyone want someone to talk".

Mahastri (quoting her after a long time and since have lost touch with most of the mahastris so don't quote them often) told me that "If someone is not talking themselves first then you should go ahead and talk, no use sulking instead" and yes she is right but just the fact that it may not go the way you expect may act as a demotivating factor, is something one should get over.
May be as my friend says that its the lack of reciprocation that put us off but ultimately giving then expecting is still the golden rule and until you give you can't expect reciprocation.

PS: As always don't know what I started to write about and what I ended about writing :-)


Liked this saying , justifies me.

"Those who can't do, preach. Those who can't preach, do"

Monday, December 14, 2009


"We start our life fighting for the window seat and we end our life occupying the aisle seat so that we can run to the washroom uninterrupted "

Random Thought XL

Sometimes it amazes me to see some people talk endlessly everyday, wondering from where do they get the topics to discuss. For me it sometimes not even a syllable beyond "How are you? , Everything fine"

May be that's what makes me boring.

Random Thought XXXIX

Reading the you-will-take-it-for-real fictions written by the Indian authors portraying the life of Indian youth I sometimes feel that I myself have been living a fictional life quite contrary to the real life portrayed in those books.

Random Thought XXXVIII

I have observed that its not only me , a lot of others too get loud and crack silly jokes when they are in a public place filled with known people, just to make people laugh.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Watching Dead Poets Society (the movie).. I have written watching because I see it around 20 minutes (around 2 hours movie.) everyday. 

So this is a little conversation between Robin Williams(Keating) and another teacher. 

Like the quotes they quoted.

McAllister: "Show me the heart unfettered by foolish dreams and I'll show you a happy man."
John Keating: "But only in their dreams can men be truly free. 'Twas always thus, and always thus will be."
McAllister: Tennyson?
John Keating: No, Keating.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Random Thought XXXVII

I am not that much concerned about doesn't, I am more worried about can't.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Random Thought XXXVI

Sometimes I get so scared of the way people around me act that I even fear asking myself to counsel me fearing some unexpected reaction.


Attended 3 weddings in a single night yesterday :) 

Incidentally one was of my college teacher (she just taught one semester and currently working in public sector)and another was of my college Junior . The third one was of my friend's sister's.

After a long time something I planned and accomplished :)

And as always it felt really good to spend some time with my ex-office friends(I have to write ex-office to highlight when we became friends and why I am close to those people). Really miss those guys :(

Random Thought - XXXV

The one moment in the day which gives me utmost satisfaction is the moment just before I am about to reach my stop and I see my fellow colleagues still standing there waiting for the bus. That moment I feel satisfied that I am not going to miss the bus today. Although this satisfaction goes once I am at the stop waiting for the bus, but at least for that one moment it is always there.