Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kai Po Che....

Watched Kai Po Che yesterday . Its based on the book  "3 Mistakes of My Life" by Chetan Bhagat which narrates the story of 3 friends trying to make big in life.
Have never been a fan of Chetan Bhagat and his writings and have only read them when I wanted to read some masala stuff to lighten my mind. Some critics once called him the "Rakhi Sawant of Indian literature". Although I don't completely disagree with this but the only positive thing I have about him is that he knows what sells. He knows whats the pulse of the Indian youth (has a book published by the name What Young India Wants), what they can easily relate to and to top it he add some prominent facilities or event of India in the mix of it, which makes it quite popular. 
So coming back to the movie. The movie revolves around 3 friends based in Gujarat. And it shows their dreams and how they go about it and how their life is impacted first by the Bhuj earthquake of 2001 followed by the Godhra riots of 2002.  It touches various emotions that we Indians go through during the course of our life. So you have die hard Friendship, Innocent Love, our religiously followed passion for Cricket and lastly but not the least Our insane reverence to one's religion in such a way that we forget about humanity.
The movie with its fresh faces and masala content makes it watchable but I personally felt there was a lot of scope for improvement but nevertheless a nice one time watch.
There is a song in the movie called Manjha and I really liked it a lot. I feel after the song Ye Hosla from the film Dor this is one inspirational song that I will always like to hear.
The lyrics of the song goes like this
Roothe khaabon ko mana lenge
Kati patango ko thaamenge
Haa haa hai jazba
Ho ho hai jazba
Suljha lenge uljhe rishton ka manjha
Hmm ka manjha, hmm ka manjha...