Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jaago Re!

Most of you must have seen the Advertisement in which a a guy serves tea to a bunch of people saying that "Are ye so rahe hai, inhe chai peelao". And then the people protest that they are not sleeping, hearing which he replies that "On election day if you are not voting then you are sleeping".
I am almost going to complete 24 years of my life and I am yet to take part in the process of selecting the representatives for the largest democracy in this world. The reason being(actually its no reason) I always thought that you need a Voter ID card to vote and due to laziness on my part and lack of information from Election Commission, till now I din't get the opportunity to get myself one. The last time the census people came to my place, I was underage and when they had the session at a nearby community center, I din't have my name in the roll list of my constituency and after that recently when I went after seeing a notice on the notice board of my society, there wasn't even a single bird chirping there (I did went to the right address, right place and on right time :) ).
So after seeing this Ad, I logged onto the website and checked out the procedure. Initially I thought that its a government initiative but actually its an effort by a non profit NGO. The procedure is very simple, fill some information and submit and they will mail you a form which you have to fill (most of the columns are already filled from the information you entered earlier) and submit at your electoral office.
Now after filling the info and getting the form , I thought on submitting this I will get the voter card but then I read the documents clearly :- P and I found out that on submitting the form, I will get my name entered in the roll list of my constituency and then on further exploring the site (it was on the first page :- P), I came to know that you DON'T NEED A VOTER CARD to vote. All you need to have is your name in the roll list and need to carry an identity proof while voting. Voter card is just an identity proof and if you don't have it you can use your driving license etc.
This site has many other features , like once you submit the form , you inform them and they will keep a track of your status and keep you updated too and many more very useful features.
So in case you have not got your name on the roll list yet or you need information about anything related to election etc, just log on to this website and explore.
Believe me its a very convenient and great initiative .
So WAKE UP..there is still time. And as always "Better LATE than NEVER"

The link to the site http://www.jaagore.com/

Friday, November 21, 2008

Will it still be called White House??

One thing I cannot get into my tiny mind is why the color of a person is so sensationalized by the media. The whole US elections was projected as the quest to have the first Black person as President. So when he won instead of giving credit to his philosophies, ideologies, manifesto etc, I felt his color was single most quality that made him get noticed among the voters. And that was not enough , just few weeks after that there was a news of US getting the first black Supreme Court CJ. Again the stress here was on the word black.

Ok, I agree that there was a time that people were discriminated on the basis of their color and it really should act as a motivation for others when they see those people getting recognized or appreciated or holding important positions but I see highlighting the word black every time as a kind of racism.
Somewhere that word acts as a derogatory remark to that person's capabilities or qualities. Somewhere I sense people saying "Oh , he is Black that's why"

Few months back, I was reading a blog written by some Bengali living in US and she recalled an incident that occurred at one of the get together of Bengali people that they were holding. The author said that there was a couple in their community who never used to stop talking about Obama like "How great he is..How wonderful he is going to be for US and World etc". But that day that couple was quite silent. The author on inquiring with others about the reason found that their daughter was getting married to some American, which mind you those NRI people (Bengali's who were assembled there) were quite appreciative of, since they took it as a status symbol to have a foreigner as your relative and that to a SIL (Son - In - Law). But this couple were quite upset because this guy was Black. So the irony was that these people on one hand were so excited with the fact that a Black guy was going to lead the Super power but they cannot accept the fact that their SIL is going to be a Black guy.

And I think this is still the case with a majority of people.

So somewhere I feel that repeated mention of the word black to denote Obama etc is just another kind of racism that is appreciating the achievements of these people but somehow in a sarcastic manner.

So as the cartoon asks , I don't think I will be surprised if they change the name of the building from White House to Black House :) but I will then like them to paint it black too :)

Note: These are all my opinions and if I hurt somebody then that was not intentional.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Everything that happens, happens for some good..

I just read this quote from Stephen Bishop, which has come in TOI

"I feel so miserable without you, its almost like having you here"

and it made me laugh , as most of the love quotes make me now a days.

Yesterday was Children's day, apart from wishing my very good friend "Happy Birthday", I din't do anything Children's day specific, not even wished "anyone" "Happy Children's Day".
Anyways, I went to watch Dostana with my office mates. Its a so so movie but it has its funny parts too, just that the gay angle is used tooooo much, they could have done with a little less use of it.
You always relate something from reel life to real life and it generally depend on your mood whether you take out the positive from it or the negative. Things like, Yes, you can fall in love with your friend and you need not be sorry for that. Yes, Love is Blind, but instead of the person who is in love getting blind, its the person you love, who is blind because he/she won't see or realise that you love them. blah blah..... and ultimately Friendship is more fulfilling relation than any other relation you can imagine.

At night I watched "Sleepless @ Seattle". I have heard from a lot of people that its a nice movie so since I had it in my pc, so decided to watch it but I was quite disappointed. Apart from the cute kid "Jonah" nothing else was good, Ok Meg Ryan looked childish too :).
In the last few months, I watched a lot of movies in which the girl despite being engaged to someone whom they say they "love a lot", suddenly goes into an almost magical world of their own when they get in touch with the Hero. Ok agreed in most of the cases the so called fiance is a bad guy who is either too possesive or evil but this guy Walter(Bill Puffman), I felt was too good. I was just wondering what if after marrying Tom Hanks, she again meets someone with whom she will again experience the magic ?...I think to tough for me to digest.Don't know may be because I always imagine myself as the other guy like Walter (not saying loving like me but having a fate like him)...he he he
And like Anne said to Walter "I don't deserve you". Ya, we will take it as a consolation. Just like , the statement "it was not destined". And finallly the golden one that some consoling soul will come and say "Everything that happens , happens for some good"

Ok I need to update this post keeping in mind Sid's comment. So sorry for only referring to the fairer sex. When I said that despite being committed to someone , they go into the magical world of their own on meeting someone new, I was actually referring to both the beautiful ladies and handsome guys :)

Beautiful girls denote every girl in this world :)
Handsome guy denote every guy in this world :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Monty is back.....

Everybody with whom I ever talked about Guitar told me that playing the intro of Ek Haseena thi.. is very simple, so that was the first tune that my tutor taught me. And right now the way I am playing it its more like playing for Himesh than Rishi Kapoor :) (thats why the post title :))

Apart from that I have learnt to play Ajeeb dastaan hai ye (first line only). Tried my hand on Jana Gana Mana too and picked Happy Birthday to a certain extent too but its a long way to go and I am quite eager to travel :)


A lovely song from Dasvidaniya (upcoming movie of Vinay Pathak)....Just too good.
If possble do listen to it...

I have a long due post that I have to write about the first lady in my life..but till then this can be a dedication to her...Love you Mummy...Will play and sing this song one day for you :)

Meri Maa Meri Maa Pyaari Maa (Mumma)
Singer (s): KAILASH KHER
Maa, Meri Maa, Pyaari Maa… Mamaa
Hoo Maa, Meri Maa, Pyaari Maa… Mamaa
Haatho Ki Lakerien Badal Jayengi
Gum Ki Yeh Zanjeerein Peeghal Jayengi
Ho Khuda Pe Bhi Aasar, Tu Duaon Ka Hai Ghar
Meri Maa, Meri Maa, Pyaari Maa… Mammaa
Hoo Maa, Meri Maa, Pyaari Maa… Mammaa

Begdi Kismat Bhi Sawanr Jaayegi
Zindagi Tarane Khushi Ke Gayegi
Tere Hote Kiska Dar, Tu Duawon Ka Hai Ghar
Meri Maa, Meri Maa, Pyaari Maa… Mammaa
Hoo Maa, Meri Maa, Pyaari Maa… Mammaa

Yun Tu Mein.. Sab Se Nyara Hoon
Tera Maaa Mein Dulara Hoon
Yun Tu Mein.. Sab Se Nyara Hoon
Par Tera Maaa Mein Dulara Hoon
Duniya Mein Jeene Se Jyada Uljhan Hai Maaa
Tu Hai Amar Ka Jahan…….
Tu Gussa Karti Hai, Bada Accha Lagta Hai
Tu Kaan Pakati Hai, Badi Zor Se Lagta Hai,
Meri Maa… Meri Maa, Meri Maa, Pyaari Maa… Mammaa
Hoo Maa, Meri Maa, Pyaari Maa… Mammaa

Haatho Ki Lakerien Badal Jayengi
Gum Ki Yeh Zanjeerein Peeghal Jayengi
Ho Khuda Pe Bhi Aasar, Tu Duawon Ka Hai Ghar
Meri Maa, Meri Maa, Pyaari Maa… Mammaa
Hoo Maa, Meri Maa, Pyaari Maa… Mammaa

Taken from http://worldoftimepass.com/song-lyrics/dasvidaniya-song-lyrics/

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Finally holding something I love ;)

Yesterday I was gifted a guitar by Didibhai :) :) :) and it was indeed one of the happiest moment of my life to hold it in my hand. Always wanted to have one and play it like a pro. Atleast the first part is done :) and if god permits then the second will also be a reality soon :).
Thought of starting this post with a picture of me holding it but forgot to take it and just couldn't wait any longer to share this information.
Have already started playing it with the help of the tutorials available on net and believe me it does not seem that attractive to play and it will definitely require a lot of patience to learn playing a simple tune :) and that is what is listed at most of the sites that the most important thing one needs to learn playing guitar is to have a lot of patience.
Will definitely get hold of a tutor soon, as self learning is not that viable option.
Anyways it will be fun and definitely something to keep me busy :)
Will soon come up with a video of the first song that I will play :) (Lets see how fast that can be :))