Saturday, February 28, 2009

One off the list....

After almost two months since I made this List, I was finally able to strike off one of my wishes, No 4 (the simplest one). (A day later Man U also strikes off one of the trophies that they are chasing this season by winning the Carling Cup, so now they have three left and I have three left of the ones I listed :) but they will be decided by this May and I have no desire to be so fast)

I got up on Saturday, did the first thing I do every morning and as usual got disappointed and lazily got up , read the newspaper, surfed the idiot box and on finding nothing worth watching decided to watch Dev D as I was thinking of watching it since a long time. So I took my shower and ran to the nearest video shop and asked him for the dvd but to my hard luck they still din't get hold of any pirated copy, so with a heavy heart I picked up CC2C and went back.

Then a thought came to my mind, why not take this as a sign to fulfill my wish of watching a movie in theater all by myself? anyways after two days of Emotional Attayachar, I was looking for some much needed self eluding time to get away from Me and be with Me. :)

So I decided to go and watch Dev D.

All the time while on my way I was too excited for this experience.

Soon I reached the multiplex and took my ticket and since I got next to last row seat, I thought it must be an empty show, anyways the movie has been running since a long time so I was not expecting much crowd.
Soon we were ushered into the auditorium and I found only three couples apart from me and luckily nobody was sitting where I got a seat.

Just when the movie was about to start , a guy came and sat next to me and I just hoped that he lets me watch the movie without making any comments or noises.

Soon the theater got half full and the movie started and let me not go into details of how it was :). It was not even a so so movie for me and was seriously an emotional attyachar. The movie either deserved a zero or a 5 (the rating that TOI gave) because if you like a single instance then you will like the whole movie.

May be I picked a wrong movie for this experience.

But in one front the movie was a modern take on the eternal love story of Dev Das, what the earlier three DevDas could not understand this guy understood that most people in this world don't get their Paro (most even don't get their Paro to love them) but very few of them get a chance to have Chandramukhi. So its wise to move on with their Chanda.

But somehow I feel those DevDas were correct too, Its not necessary to always live your life in an ideal, practical and goody - goody way. Sometimes you should have the liberty to screw up everything just for the sake of one thing.

Abhay Deol is as usual awesome in his acting and looks quite natural. The songs are awesome , everyone of them are worth listening specially Pardesi with the touch of folk and Emotional Attayachar Rock Version.

Anyways going back to my experience, it was quite fun and I think I should make it a habit.

A Movie ticket - Rs 150
Popcorn and Hot Chocolate - Rs 90
Watching a movie in a theater without anyone along whom you know - Priceless :)

The only thing that I missed was Thumbs Up...Naaa not with coke....with Vodka...Ha ha ha ha ....

Friday, February 27, 2009

Random Thought VII

Can you miss something when it is no more, even though you have never noticed it when it existed ?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Random Thought VI

Most of us are more worried about what we don't want to do rather than being concerned about what we want to do.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saw Abhishek Bachchan today :)

Saw Abhishek Bachchan today at Crown Plaza Faridabad...he came so close to where I was standing and I clicked so many pics from close but my bad luck i later realised there was no space in my cell :( and only one picture was sharing that with you people

Got so excited that I texted everyone ...

Will complete this post later...right now just sharing the only photo I had.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Random Thought V

"When I feel low, I dance in front of mirror and it brings me to splits of laughter"

Friday, February 13, 2009

Please let me cry...

An impulsive poem but I think the best I have written so far :)

I was running fast, could not see it coming,
I fell down, got a cut and it started bleeding,
Please don't come near,Please don't let it heal,
Let me feel the pain, Please let me cry...

I was never in Love before, I never had a start,
You did not break my heart but it still did hurt,
Please don't put a hand around me, please don't console,
Let me feel the pain, Please let me cry...

I never felt the urge to speak, never had the desire of telling,
Something within me is driving , something within me is compelling
Please let me shout, please don't stop me from yelling,
Let me feel the pain, Please let me cry...

I have never failed before, I never went down,
No..No I am not stopping, I still have the urge to go on
Please let me pause , please let me take a breath,
Let me feel the pain, Please let me cry...

Random Thought - IV

"The worst part about Valentine falling on weekend is that even the workaholic cannot spend time with his loved one i.e. work "

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bas aise hi ....

Was writing this while writing "Psycho", just to tell my original love hindi that I have not forgotten her...but now not feeling like completing here it goes.

Palke Band Kar loon to Dekhun tujhe,
Phir bhi nazron ko meri teri talaash kyun hai?

Chehre pe tere Khushi or us khushi ki mujh par kabhi barish,
Phir bhi chehre pe mere udaasi kyun hai?

Na main tere rasston ki manzil or na hi main tere dariya ka saahil,
Phir bhi tere safar ka rahi banne ki mujhme tamanna kyun hai ?

Naa tu mere khwabo ki tasveer, or na hi mere dil ko kabhi tujhe pane ka yakeen,
Phir bhi tujhe naa paakar mera dil haatash kyun hai?

Aankhon me aansun or unka behke mere laboon ko bhigona ,
Phir bhi mujhe ajab si pyaas kyun hai ?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Random Thought - III

"Its still better to cry in a Mercedes than grin in a Local Bus"

Rose Day Special..

Aaj Socha Jawaab Kya Bhejun,
Jisne Sab Pada Ho Usse Kitaab Kya Bhejun.
Koi Aur Phool Ho To Mujhe Maloom Nahi,
Jo Khud Gulaab Ho Usse Gulaab Kya Bhejun...

It saves money as well as Roses :) :) :)

Random Thought - II

Smiling at strangers make them wonder what is wrong with them :) :) :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hit by Recession...

The whole world since last few months have been hit by grave economic recession which has rendered so many people jobless, have shutdown so many factories, even forced people to kill themselves and their families. Anyways I am not going to write about that in this post although last week I had a direct impact of that at my work place...but anyways.

This recession is the recession of the hair line...Although I should have written about this when this thing was brought to our group’s notice by Mr NRI, but at that time it was more of something that amused me than causing any unwanted concern.

When guys are growing up, actually have never heard from any of the girl about this, so I am not generalizing it for both the sexes, so I was saying that when guys are growing up they generally worry about having a girlfriend which according to me, as I have understood now with age, is more of a desire to have a companion with whom you can share yourself, which again for me can be refined as something independent of the sex of the person, I mean now I feel that the companion can be a guy or a girl but just someone close and now since we all are on the verge of completing our silver jubilee in this world and most of us are either still Single and Available or in some cases Single and (Un)Available so that factor of concern has lost some of its desperation. So as pointed by Mr NRI, we have a new concern for this age that is concern for our receding hair line.

When he came to India last Diwali, he was always spotted wearing a cap. So after some successful persuasion we were able to see what lied beneath that and to my astonishment all the free flowing long strands of hair that he used to sport in college was now replaced by a growth of tiny hairs which resembled a freshly mowed lawn.
Initially we thought that as he has become half Chinki, so he is sporting a hairstyle like those people but then with a heavy heart he told us that the water of abroad has not suited him and because of that he is having a very rapid hair loss. Each day he is scared to look at the bathroom floor after having a bath as instead of water the whole floor gets covered with his hair. He has been losing sleep over that and had been asking people who once sported long hair to get some remedy. This all amused me , as I thought what’s the big deal. Anyways its hereditary in my family, so anyhow I am going to be bald like my Dad and my uncles, so it didn’t concern me much. But I always knew that Mr NRI will be over cautious about such things. It was quite amusing to see him literally count the hair of every male friend he met and it was fun to see him give a sigh of relieve saying “Iske mujhse kam hai :)”.

So he decided that before going back he will see a Hair specialist and will get some medicine. He also decided to get bald before he leaves, so that he can grow it from start :) and will also be able to find the spots which have become barren, so that he can treat those areas.

So every time we met, he used to wear a cap, even when he cooked dinner for all of us so that none of his hairs can make their way to the delicious food they cooked for us. Even Innocent Devil shared his experience about hair loss, which was very evident at last holi when these guys smeared his scalp with colours. He shared the info from the doctor he met, what remedies he mentioned etc. Even Chuck Norris mentioned about the treatment he is undergoing. He told us to use a mild shampoo everyday and not to apply oil.

Overall it was an entertaining experience for me to see them change with age :)

Now I think the next area of concern for them is marriage. Already all of them are fighting not to be the first among the group to get married. And hopefully one of them will succumb to pressure :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jat and Gattu...

While sitting at Cafe Coffee Day, Hiten was finding it hard to pass his time, waiting for his friend Jatin aka Jat and Rotty. He has already gone through the menu so many times that he can repeat it in typical waiter style to people looking to order. Just then a familiar song blurted out from somewhere “Chahe to tum kuch na kaho , maine sun liya..”. He turned back and saw a girl looking at her phone. He went back to the time when he was out of town and being on roaming, he could not reply to “her”, so every time she used to message, he used to give her a missed call. So in reply to one of those fortunate miss call, she messaged and told him that “You know what, my ringtone is Chahe tum kuch na Kaho, maine sun liya”. So looking at the smiling girl whose phone just rang reminded him of that incident and brought a smile on his face.

Anyhow coming back to his not so fortunate present, he still could not see any trace of his friends. It has been a while since he last got an opportunity to hang out with Jat. Although the reason he can say, just to put the blame on him, ever since Jat has been in relationship with Geetika aka Gattu, he does not have much time for his male friends, but Hiten knows that the real reason has been that Hiten himself has been going little busy with his work since last few months. So he could not hang out much with those guys.
Jat, Gattu, Rotty, Aditi aka Adi and Hiten had been integral part of each other’s life, so it rarely used to be a case when they haven’t talked for days. Most of the time they used to hang out together but with their plunge into professional world their hangouts had been less frequent although Jat, Rotty and Hiten still used to be together most of the times. But still they used to communicate on phone. But of late Hiten has started being little busier. So finally they decided to meet and watch the new flick “Dev D”. As Hiten was coming after attending to some work, they decided to meet directly at the multiplex, so here he is waiting for those two.
Thinking of Gattu, he imagined the day when Gattu proposed Jat...yep man SHE did. All five of them had been friends since school and although each one of them used to share everything with each other, somehow there are always few people in a group who are much closer to each other. So Jat and Gattu from the start always used to have a special liking for each other. They were two people who were FRIENDS and although in school all five of them used to spend a lot of time together, but after school both Jat and Gattu joined the same college, so that added fuel to the fire and slowly-slowly their liking got converted into love and as “people” say the essential of a true love is that you need not have to give words to your emotions and contrary to these lines from Jagit Sahab’s Ghazal “Hum lubo se keh na pae hale dil apna kabhi, aur wo samjhe nahi ye Khamoshi kya cheez hai”, they never had to say anything to each other and it was understandable. But as Hiten says sometimes it’s essential even in a perfect relation like this to speak it out, so one day Gattu went down on one knee with a rose in her hand and said “Tum to kabhi kahoge nahi” and uttered those magical words to Jat. It was so beautiful.
Again Hiten looked desperately at his watch, only 10 minutes to go before the movie starts. He had already called them so many times and each time he heard “Bas phaunch gae”. So typical of them.
So he got up, tired of sitting for long and started walking along the corridor, looking at the various shops buzzing with people shopping. Just then his eyes stopped at a woman who was making gestures from her hand. She was explaining something to guy who was standing next to her and to his astonishment the guy was replying to her in the same way. Both were giggling and laughing. They were married and it din’t took him long to understand that they were using sign language to talk. Both of them looked so happy. They made gestures to each other every time they looked at something, as if commenting and teasing each other. Soon they entered Haldiram’s and he couldn’t follow any further. That small incident makes him feel how beautiful life can be at times. Two people suffering from disabilities can understand each other so easily is such a lovely thing. God may have given them those sufferings but at the same time he has filled their lives with love to face all those disabilities bravely.
What had happened if one of them did not have any disabilities or maybe it was still the case as Hiten did not know for sure whether both of them were dumb and deaf or not.

Such a strange thing is love. Sometimes it happens between two totally opposite people and sometimes between two people who find similarity in each other and in both cases I feel they fall in love with the something which they like in the other , which is a reflection of what they themselves want or have.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Random Thought...

I recently joined came across a quote which I improvised to make my twitter update.

"I am dating a woman since last three years, who is evidently, unaware of it" :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I am on a roll...another one of my attempt.....

You never said You love me , You never said you will try,
It was only me who said it and who had that stupid desire.

You never said we will be always together, you never said we will be near.
It was me who thought it was meant to be , who thought we could be each other’s dear.

You seldom had my thought, you seldom had my need.
It was me who kept thinking about U and grew around you like a weed.

You always smile at me and start a talk,
I either change my glance or continue with my walk.

You never get angry, you never mind to care,
I always show U my frustrations n my expressions of despair.

I cannot be important, I cannot be “more than someone”,
Still I am not contented with being one of your known one.

Every time we talk, you make my feelings strong,
Everything I did before, seems to be a terrible mistake or something gravely wrong.

Every time I call it quit and say I am not going to continue,
You just do something lovely and take me out of the blue.

All my hopes and assumptions have been put to rest,
I never cared about passing but I have failed the test.

I just hope it gets over and all comes to an end,
The least I can do is , be a Friend.

Monday, February 2, 2009


A lousy english poem from me first published attempt in english

A Part of me always cry, a part of me always pray to sky.
A Part of me wants to try; a part of me wants to die.

A Part of me wants to yell, a part of me wants to tell.
A Part of me wants to talk, a part of me wants to be quiet.

A Part of me thanks God for what happened; a part of me asks God what happened.

A Part of me looks for you, a part of me runs from you.

A Part of me is hazy, a part of me is crazy.

A Part of me hates, a part of me loves,
A Part of me stops from doing; a part of me goes ahead and does.

A Part of me wants to know, a part of me can’t let it go.
A Part of me abuse, a part of me confuse.

A Part of me is happy, a part of me is sad,
A Part of me is good; a part of me is bad.

A Part of me does what is right; a part of me does what is wrong,
A Part of me makes me weak; a part of me makes me strong.

A Part of me gets what it needs, a part of me just pleads.

A Part of me criticize, a part of me apologize,
A Part of me is there in full, a part of me is just available in slice.

A Part of me is what all I have, a part of me is on what I thrive.

Tu Raja Ki Raj Dulari...

Lovely song from Oye Lucky Lucky Haryanvi (Ragini)..
It talks about the Marriage of Lord Shiva and Parvati

Just sharing the lyrics ...if possible hear it if not already done.

Tu Raja Ki Raj Dulari, Main Sirf Langote.., Aala Su.. ) - 2
Bhang Ragad Ke Piya Karu Main, Kundi Sote Aala Su
Tu Raja Ki Raj Dulari, Main Sirf Langote, Aala Su
Bhang Ragad Ke Piya Karu Main, ( Kundi Sote Aala Su ) - 2

Tu Raja Ki Chhori Se, Mere Ek Bhi Daasi Dost Nahi
Chal Tu Shawl Odhan Aali, Mhare Kambal Tak Bhi Paas Nahi
Tu baagan Ki Koyal Se ,aade barf pade Hari Ghaas Nahi
Kis tariya dil Lage Tera, Satran Chaul Prakash Nahi
Kise Saahukar Ke Byah Karwale,Saahukar Ke Byah Karwale
Main Khaali sote Aala Su
Bhang Ragad Ke Piya Karu Main, Kundi Sote Aala Su

Tu Raja Ki Raj Dulari, Main Sirf Langote, Aala Su
Bhang Ragad Ke Piya Karu Main, ( Kundi Sote Aala Su ) - 2
Main dhuna me tapa karun, tu aag dekh ke darr jagi
Rakh ghol ke Piyaa Karu Mera, Bhag Dekh Ke Dar Jaagi
Sau Sau Saap pade reh gale me, Naag Dekh Ke Dar Jaagi
Tane Julfo aala Chhora Chaiye, Julfo aala Chhora Chaiye
Main Lambe Chote aala Su
Bhangh Ragad Ke Piya Karu Main, Kundi Sote Aala Su

(Tu Raja Ki Raj Dulari, Main Sirf Langote, Aala Su
Bhangh Ragad Ke Piya Karu Main, Kundi Sote, Aala Su ) - 11