Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter ...

Thithurti hui thand ko badati sard hawa,
Oos ki boondein se lipte hue patte,
Dhund ki chaadar ko oode hue dharti,
In sab se sawra hai sardi ka ye mausam.

Bade kasth se sawere ko uthna,
Garam thande pani se jee bhar ke nahana,
Kanpte kanpte wo kapdo ko pehnna,
Or Mummy ka jabardasti jacket or topi lagwana.

Bus me beth kar khidki se jhakne ki wo koshish,
Phir parde se seeshon pe jami nami ko pochna,
Haathon se khud ko kas ke jakarna,
Phir garmi lagne par jacket hathana.

Office me ghusne se pehli ki wo chand kadme,
Wo chehre pe apne, gili hawa ka takrana,
Sang chalte wo kapdo se dhake rang birange sehkarmi,
Or unhe dekh kar mand mand muskana.

Kursi pe apne jacket ko latkana,
Or waise hi bina jacket ke bahar chale jana,
Haatho me lekar coffee ke mug ko,
Is mastane mausam ka lutf uthana.

Dopahar ke samae dhund ko cheerti wo Suraj ki kirane,
Or kirano ki baarish se har staha ka chamakna,
Us Dhoop se khud ko niharne ke liye,
Wo dosto ke saath campus ka chakar lagana.

In haseen lamho ka ye mausam,
On lamho ka mere dil ko behlana,
Bhale cheen lo mujhse do din ke liye saawan,
Par kabhi na ruke in sardiyon ka aana.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Dictionary, thesaurus are full of words,
An arrangement of characters that when rearranged,
lead to a new thought.

Words that creates our speech,
that helps us to talk, converse,
That are spoken by literate, illiterate, people adverse.

Words are ingredients that make n break.
Something that everyone can freely give n take.

Words are needed to put forth your emotions,
To decorate n give voice to heart's creation.

Words can be few, they can be long,
They are what tells a touchin story,
or constitute a lovely song.

They express a lover's delight,
or things that his eyes imply,
These are what relieves a baby from the effort of wail n cry.

Words are what compels a war,
Can bring brutality to end.
Words when misunderstood can turn foes of friends.

They may be simple, they may be complex,
Once uttered can be both disappointing or may leave you perplexed.

When spoken by authority, they make you abide,
When rendered by a child, they make you pride.

Earth, air, water, fire and space, are the essential elements to life,
But words are what are must, for us to thrive.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Aaj Mein Khush hun ...

My friend asked me today, are you okay? I wasn't surprised because I knew why this question was coming but still asked him, why what happened? No just the way your blog posts are nowadays, doesn't go with your personality.

The reason I wasn't surprised by his question was because I am myself little astonished with my attitude since last few weeks. I am happy and going by my history since last few years its been a rarity. I have always found or done something which won't be taken as a state of being happy or sane. So its a surprise for those people who have been with me in those years to see me to be like a normal realistic figure.

So what has actually changed? MahaStri once told me that A person is as happy as he wants to be. True. I always new that and I still choosed to be sad at that time and now I choose to be happy. Its not that at that time I dint have reasons to be happy or now I don't have reasons to be upset. In fact I have enough reasons.

One of my friend is worried with his marriage. He has heeded to his parents request to see girls and he is confused with every girl that he is seeing, thinking whether what he is being shown is the true self or not, whether she is right one for him or not? Also he had to do MBA and he is not able to make into any good college yet and on top of that currently he is out of project at his workplace.

Another friend is upset because his friend couldn't clear a placement interview and her family is quite upset with her which in turn makes her upset and hence him. And soon he will be asked to get married and he will have to make his moves quickly. Plus his project his getting delayed.
Then there is another who left his job which he calls slavery to start his own franchise of a coaching institute which is still in its nascent stage and his family is upset with him as currently he is not earning anything. Another had to attend her friends wedding and visit her home but she couldn't attend as she had class to take which apparently got cancelled later and also she is upset that she is still not earning anything and her PhD seems far from over. There are two of my friends who first did engineering but couldn't get a job then they did MBA but still are not able to get any job.

Another is not getting good money in his job and on top of that he doesn't have anything to do as there are no projects. He also met with an accident recently and although he din't get hurt but his bike got damaged. Then there is another who is worried because her brother is not getting a job.

So I am surrounded with all these lovely people who somehow are bit concerned with their present state. And I know apparently I don't have any individual reasons to be upset with my life and these are the major issues which I should be concerned about. And the least I can do for these people is be Happy and in turn give them little happiness.

My friend once told me "khud ki zindagi bhi narak banaoge or humari bhi with your stupid thoughts" din't like this statement but know its the truth. Even If you can't be happy with yourself then also you have no right to effect others life because of that.

And not only that, I am quite genuinely happy with life, as I have already mentioned earlier too I feel quite light in my heart nowadays.

Anyways why should I complain if I am happy :-)

Random Thought XLI

The fact that God doesn't like anyone being predictive about his work is evident from the fact that whatever Met Department ever predicts, the reverse of that happens.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Few lines that I like contd...

Few lines that I nowadays love to just sing ....

First one are from an relatively old song... I guess most of the people must have experienced these feelings, so hats off to the lyricist who could put it forward so beautifully. The lines are

"Najane kyun, hota hai ye zindagi ke saath, 
Achanak ye dil, 
kisi ke jaane ke baad, 
kare phir uski yaad, 
choti choti si baat."

Then comes these lines which I feel I should have used someday... Nevertheless from a lovely song

"Aana mere pyar ko na tum jhoota samjho jaana, 
Sanam tujhe paane ka ye tha saara bahana. 
Chalo bhi jo hua jaane do, bahut ho chuka jaane do..."

But as it says chalo bhi jo hua jaane do, bahut ho chuka jaane do...

Next are these lines from the song Dil to bachcha hai ji from Ishqiya... A lovely song sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Like the lines which say that bewajah har baat pe gaur kare.... So true. Anyways the lines

"Kis ko pata tha pehlu me rakha dil aisa Paaji bhi hoga, 
hum to humesha samjhte the ki hum jaisa hanji hi hoga. 
Hae zor kare, kitna shor kare, 
bewajah har baat par, ewen gaur kare."

Hats off to Gulzar Sahab

Last but by no means least are the lines from my all time favourite song "O Sanam" by Lucky Ali. There was a time when there wasn't a single day when I din't sing this song. Anyways this is the line from this lovely song which I am singing nowadays

"Mar bhi gae toh bhul na jaana"

More lines I like series will come soon ...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I cooked tawa roti for the first time :-) :-)

For the first time in my life I cooked roti's or chappatis(Indian breads).

I know for people who have cooked anything before will say that its the easiest thing to do. But for me who has never cooked a meal before it was indeed a big thing.

Actually mom n dad went outside and they were not back by 10pm so although I wasn't hungry and could have waited for mom to come n make chappatis as always but thought why not try myself :)
Ok firstly I couldn't make them round but the thing that it was my first time I guess I can forgive myself :-p

I even over cooked them, again since its my first time so I won't say I burned them :-P.
I have taken pictures of them and will share soon.

My mom on hearing asked me have you made some for us too? But since they were not round and since I wasn't confident about their edibility so I told her I din't but next time I will make for everyone for sure.

Actually I have been telling mom since long that I will cook on weekends but since I am so lazy on weekends that by the time I get up she is already done with everything. Nevertheless its better late than never.

Was so excited that had to share and what better place than my blog :-)

Another weekend but not an ordinary one...

This weekend was simply one of the best I had since a long time. Its not that something great happened but the small things that I did, gave me an immense sense of satisfaction. 

Ok Saturday I got up around 9, read the newspaper, took my bath as I had go to bank with my friend. Then had my breakfast. Then my friend told me that we will go by 12 so I just sat and played guitar. Then I reached crown plaza where the bank was located. I saw its hoarding on the first floor and went upstairs but there I couldn't spot their office so I asked someone and they told me that its on third floor so I raced to third floor but there I found that its some other division of that bank and they told me its on ground floor. 
So on third floor I spotted a fleet of stairs which I haven't seen any normal public use. I thought its because normal public is not aware of it. So I sprinted down those stairs but so many people always told me that don't think so much , I soon found out why sometimes they are so correct. The moment I reached ground floor and tried to push open the door to my amusement I found it locked. So I had to tire back to top floor again and walk down the normal route :-) to ground floor and went to the bank. There I asked where does Mr. O sits. The guy at the inquiry told me that  he sits on first floor. Huh. So I finally reached first floor and looked carefully among the various shops and finally I spotted their office. 

So I entered inside and went to Mr O, sir I need this document which I had to submit. So he asked me my loan account number and as I din't have that so I gave him my name and he said Aapka to abhi approve nahi hua? I Said oh and asked him to check for my friend. He said Unka ho gaya. Then after waiting for a while he said I will check for you. 
In the meantime my friend has arrived and he also went to third floor straight but because I had done his part so he din't have to run much and I called him to first floor directly. 
The bank guy told me that your office verification is pending and I need to send an email from my office id. I said it will be difficult as my office is closed today and I can't access the office network from home. Then my friend told me that he can access office network from his laptop. So we now ran to his home. So after sending a mail we went back to crown. There he said that yes I got the mail but the person who will approve is not reachable. So I inquired about by what time is his office open and we left. 

On my way I purchased a sketch book. Oh I forgot to mention a dear friend of mine long time back has started sketching and she used to share her creation with me and those used to motivate me too. Ok I know I used to dread making diagrams in school but somewhere I always wanted to someday sketch too and I somehow feel confident that I can be good at that. And ya this is the same friend for whom I purchased the sketch book few weeks back. 

So on reaching home I got my internet connection reinstated and after that I also got a message from bank that my Loan has been approved. So I again raced back to crown plaza to collect that document. My friend had already collected it the last time we went there so I was alone. So while giving me the document he told me Are aapko to itne ka loan mil nahi sakta, you have to give me letter to reduce your amount. I thought are mere dost ko to bina kuch bole de diya. Then he told he has to give that too. Then he gave me the document and while checking I spotted that he has entered the year as 2009 hmmm. So I got that corrected and left but after walking few paces I realised that the same mistake must have been there in my friends letter. So I went back and got a new print out for him. After that I went again to give a letter. 

Then I went to McDonald and bought three burgers to take home. There I met two of my college friends after a long time. Then I went back to home. So as net was working I sat and uploaded the Bengal trip pics on facebook which I am yet to make public as some editing is left. And as the active x control was not working I had to select each pic manually. In total there were close to 200 pics 80 from a previous picnic trip I had with my office friends. So by the time I finished I was too exhausted to edit and add captions to it. And also ManU's match has started so sat and watch them win after a long time. Then I slept little exhausted with the days work. 

Next morning I got up around 10 and as already planned I have to watch 3 Idiots with Mom. So as soon as she got free with her daily chores, we too sat and watched it. Nice movie. I don't know if I had mentioned it earlier or not but I had already watched it with my friends. It was fun to watch with Mom as always. 

So after the movie ended I sat and started my love with sketching (So I am back in love with something). Oh it was fun. Had difficulties in making circles but by the time I stopped which was around 10 in the night I was happy with myself. I am little sceptical about whether I should share it on my blog or not. May be I will wait till I have sketched something substantial.

I had difficulties in making eyes and the first sketch I made was of a Girl, mom told me that it doesn't look like a girl. So I edited few features and by the time I said I am finished drawing it she agreed that ya to certain extent it does look like a girl.Hmmm...

In between I also played guitar and learned to somewhat play " Give me some sunshine." :-) :-).

Then in the night I continued with the book O Jerusalem. I have just read 200 pages out of 700 :-(. 

Anyways overall I fun weekend fulfilling one of my wishes. Now I think next wish to fulfill is theater. :-) :-)

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Chidiya (Its Hindi for Bird :) :) )

I am a human I want to fly,
like the birds I too should touch the sky.

Like the Cuckoo singing on the distant tree,
I want to fill the world with sweet melody.

Dancing, rejoicing, spreading my feather,
let me be the Peacock, embracing the weather.

Sharp as a Crow and pure as a Dove,
Spreading the message of truth and love.

Wandering from place to place,
picking from tree to tree,
In the night I will retire to my nest,
to the warmth of my family.

To keep a vigil I will Roost on a height,
And will give a loud crow everyday,
to joyfully welcome the morning light.

What I have that birds don't have.
May be the means of destruction
and power to grab.

Like us birds are too Predator and Prey.
For them too the need is to survive everyday.

I wish I could be like a bird,
but is there anything about me that bird says ,
"I want to have, I want to have" ?

PS: I started writing this as with most of my poems with a negative aspect like I don't have this like a bird etc.

Sharing what I wrote

Look at their wings,
how they touch the sky.
While I am human,
who can't even fly.

Listen to the Cuckoo,
singing on the distant tree.
While I am human,
without any melody.

Hail the peacock,
who dances in the rain.
While I am human,
wiping the window pane.

The black , shrill Crow
preaches to speak only true.
While I am human,
who lies every moment to make it thru.

The Rooster roosting on the post,
Welcomes the morning with his loud crow.
While I am human,
who never shows the delight  and
always give a cry of "Oh no".

Picking fruits from tree to tree,
and retiring in the night to the cosy nest.
While I am human,
who have a home full of luxury
but complains I am still far from my crest.

Is there anything with me,
which the birds wish to be?
which I as a human,
can make them envy ? 

but then I thought why not write it like what I will do if I will have it. So I wrote Chidiya.

Like with most of my poems (Ok I have just written 3 or 4 :) ) I wasn't sure where to end it and as I cherish to write non-ending poems, poems that can be expanded or can have more to say or contradict, so thought of ending it at this question which I myself want to answer. I feel there are lot of good things that humans have which other species should want and will definitely try to find a poetic answer for it. It feels good to be poetic about something else too. :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I saw a Dream ...

I saw a dream,
No not while sleeping at night.
It was dream seen with open eyes,
in broad day light.

I saw a dream,
A dream of impossible sights.
Of places, cities and towns,
filled with faces happy n bright.

I saw a dream,
Of times when you can play in the sun and dance in the rain.
Or run like wind in the fields of grain.

I saw a dream,
Filled with moments of laughter,
Moments of joy,
Moments when you can behave like a one year old boy.

I saw a dream,
A dream of everything true,
When you don't have to be called fake,
You can be the way who are you.

I saw a dream,
Where dreams come true.
Where the one you love says I Love You.

I saw a dream,
people talking everyday.
Expressing what all they feel,
Saying all the things they have to say.

I saw a dream,
When I can be you,
You can be me.
When there are no separate God but only one thy.

I saw a dream,
Ya it was a dream,
A dream to see everything,
just like a dream.

I saw a dream. I saw a dream

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Spice girls in my head ...

Many a times I could hear Spice Girls singing these two lines from there famous number "Wanna be" in my head

"If you wanna be my lover, you got to get with my friends. Make it last forever cause friendship never ends"

When I din't know the lyrics clearly earlier I used to think that they are singing "If you wanna be my lover you got to be my friend as love can end whenever but friendship never ends" And it used to make sense to me that you have to be a friend first than a lover but now when I know the actual words, I know this is making sense too.
You have to accept the fact she too has other friends who are close to her and for you to be her true lover you have to get along and appreciate that fact.
Although it throws my exclusivity wish out of the window but that must be the case. If while with her you can be still close to your other female friends, so, so can she. Like the lyrics of Hotel California goes like " She has got pretty pretty boys she calls friends"
And also I feel its natural to be jealous of her friends but sooner you accept it, more happier and joyful your relation can be.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some updates and weekend ...

In Friday's Garfield strip Jon says "There are things I never realized about being a Boyfriend. I have awesome responsibilities now. I Have to shave on weekends"

Thank God I don't have such responsibilities and don't have to shave except on Mondays or special occasions.
So I shared the same strip with Ram Prasad who is very irregular with shaving. He told me, no problem, anyways I only shave on weekends.

There is a positive development in that love story. It seems Soni is also a Brahmin, a Punjabi Brahmin. So that means my title for that series of post is not exactly applicable as its now just a inter cultural relation not an inter caste one. Feel that's better. And anyways the title need not be taken literally. Anyways will update on that topic if something substantial happens.

As it was Sunday so we decided to do some shopping for Sankranti and also mom had to buy few things for winter. But as someone has very rightly said that "Chances of going to a shop to buy a loaf of bread, and coming out with only the loaf of bread is one in a million." So we ended purchasing a hell lot of things including a jacket, a pair of shoes and two trousers for myself. And as we went to C R Park (Mini Kolkatta in New Delhi) I purchased misthi doi and some sweets and dairy milk too. I am having too much sweets nowadays. First Bengal, then Gajar ka halwa yesterday and now these sweets but still when I was having dosa at one of the food joint I couldn't resist the temptation to have some hot jalebis which was being sold nearby and bought some.
All in all a lovely weekend. More so because after a long time god gave me a chance to be good to someone and prove that I too am a nice guy and I hope in the coming times I won't disappoint him.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Love Mom :-)

Few days back I was sitting in the bus and was looking at the street vendors and saw one of them selling hot Gajar ka Halwa. So I made a note to ask Mom to make some as this winter she has only cooked it once so far. But somehow I forgot.

Today when I got up and went to kitchen to take my breakfast I saw that on one burner she was cooking Gajar ka Halwa :-) . I gave a big shout of WOW and told her that I was thinking of asking her to cook it few days back. She just smiled.

I don't know how these Mothers get to know everything without being told. :-) :-) :-)
They are indeed God among the people.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Books I have read or reading ....

Its been a while since I updated about the books that I have read or reading.

In the last year I have read more than 20 books so on that front it was a remarkable year. It also firmed my believe that one should never stop reading. Although I started regular reading late but now it is something that I want to carry on for life.

So in the last few months I have read Freedom at Midnight by Dominique Lapiere and Larry Collins and must say a must read book for every Indian. Its a non fiction book that covers the events that happened in and around India's independence year including the partition, its reason, effects, who was responsible, how it was carried, the events before and after it. Then it mentioned in detail about Bapu (Mahatma Gandhi), his decision and stances during those troubled times, how he single handedly averted the ill effects of partition in Bengal when even 55000 policemen could do nothing in Punjab.

This book touched certain aspects of Bapu's life and beliefs which both increased and diminished my respect for him.

It also covered in detail his assassination by the Hindu extremists. Infact the authors reconstructed the complete assassination bid with the help of Nathuram Godse's brother and surviving convicts.

Since the book is written by foreigners (read non Hindu or non Muslim) so I really believe in the authenticity of the content, although they have been accused of being pro-British because of their elongated meetings with Lord Mountbatten, the last Viceroy of India, during their research for this book.

They are so many incidents that are nerve wrecking and hair raising so I will really recommend reading it for all those who want to know about India's recent history. The world renowned movie Gandhi's some part were based on this book.

After that I read Two States by Chetan Bhagat and as I had already mentioned its a lovely entertaining book, maybe I liked it because it does not deal with teenage or collegiate romance. It talks about the part after the mushy mushy part is done with i.e. the part which involves marriage and parents. Its both amusing as well as highlights the two different cultures of India in such a way that you can both relate as well as feel pity at the irrational traditions. But its indeed according to me the best book of Chetan Bhagat.

After that I started with Papillon which is an autobiography of Henri Charriere a french convict who falsely get accused with a murder and is sentenced to life imprisonment in the hostile prisons of French penal settlement at an young age of 25. So its a story of his stay or rather escapes from these prisons. His continued failed attempts and the brutality mentioned in the prisons is what makes its an interesting read.

This book was recommended by my colleague who spoke very highly about it telling me that once picked you won't be able to keep it down till you complete it and you will definitely be impressed by it. And I will say I wasn't disappointed , but despite being constantly highlighted by the author that he is suffering miserably for no wrongdoings of his, it failed to stir any feelings of sympathy in me for him. I never felt how sad but yes his courage, luck and bravery is really commendable. A really intriguing and adventurous story.

Currently I am reading O Jerusalem another controversial topic covered by Dominique Lapiere and Larry Collins. Jerusalem and in fact the conflict between Jews, Arabs and Christians is something that fascinates me and something about which I am curious. I have just started it and will give my comments later but have heard its indeed a masterpiece.

So that's all on reading front. Will keep updating and do recommend me some interesting reads.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brahmin ka ladka and kayastha ki ladki contd...

Just after reaching home I was surfing through the tv channels and by chance landed on a movie channel which was airing Dil Chahta Hai. Just the last 20 minutes were left. Its one movie which although I see every time its aired but only the first half till Aamir and Priety's love story starts. After that I can't watch it. But today since it was coming to end I just watched.

The scene where Aamir proposes to Priety on her wedding day was being shown and it just made me think what I have always believed that if the girl n boy both have strong mutual feelings for each other then they just get filled with so much confidence that they can take on any hardships or obstacle that might come in their path.

So just after watching this scene I thought about writing this post.

So as I was telling that my friend and that girl(That girl sounds little rude so I will have to quickly think of some nicknames for both). So lets call them Ram Prasad and Soni. So Ram Prasad is UP ka brahmin and Soni is Punjab di Kudi. ( Although Ram Prasad sounds like a UP Ka Bhaiya but he is not. He is a hunk)

So if Ram Prasad is shudh Sakahari then Soni relishes eating all kind of non veg products. Although for Ram Prasad, Soni has stopped eating non veg (something which I don't agree because I may not stop eating something for someone so why should someone else, but obviously when in Love you do anything). This is something that Ram Prasad thinks are part of numerous reasons on which his family will protest. Another being the fact that Soni is Manglik something that is worse then the person being a criminal. But our Ram Prasad is an Idealistic guy so he thinks these things are immaterial and also he says that if he finalise a girl then he will try not to let the families match the kundalis even as he doesn't want any mismatch to cause any negative psychological effect.

I don't feel not matching the kundalis is practically possible but not taking any mismatch seriously is.

Now Soni's family want her to marry a Punjabi guy and even Ram Prasad's family too will want him to marry someone from their own caste. So overall Miyan Bibi are going to be razi but might be some issues with the kazis.

So all this and what I felt while watching Dil Chagta Hai that is what I want to share.

When he was sharing all these problems I told him see if both of you get serious about each other then no matter how big issues might arise but we will definitely try our best to resolve them. We are not going to give up without at least talking to both set of families. We will give our best to convince n resolve the differences.

I don't know but somehow I also get that confidence in those cases, for my friends, to face up to their issues and also the believe that they will be overcome with effort. I always feel and tell my friends that I will talk for them in that case but won't give up without trying.

He also feels that may be their relation itself will run into some problems or conflicts or some differences will arise between the two. I agree its too premature right now and you cannot predict future but I feel Best relations are not the ones which don't have any problems but they are the one which overcome all problems successfully.

So hoping for the best.

Brahmin ka Ladka or Kayastha ki Ladki.....

I pondered a lot on the title of this series. Initially I thought to name it as Love as misunderstood by me series, a series I was planning from long but the dissimilarities between this and what situation I wanted to write about is quite prominent so dropped the name at the last moment.

Well one of my close friend has fallen in love.

Ok I agree its difficult to define love but nevertheless as misunderstood by me,

Love is a mixture of feelings whose cause you can't find.
Feelings whose intensity you can never imagine.

"I never thought I could talk to someone for so long.
I have never been so intensely assertive about things related to anyone.
No matter whatever is in between I want to get over it and spend time with her."

Felt a kind of happiness hearing these lines.

I could feel it in his eyes, in his body language.

So as the title of this post suggests that its an inter caste relation so if anyone of you have read Two States by Chetan Bhagat then you will understand how interesting it will get.

If you have not read it yet then I will recommend reading it, for me I think its his best book till date.

Anyways hopefully I will keep posting about this love story.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

DP's birthday today ...

Its Deepika Padukone's birthday today. :-) :-) :-)

So people go ahead and treat yourself to a chocolate on my behalf :-)

Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year ...

That day of the year when you get to change the digits of the yy field in the date although unlike school or college we no longer have to write the complete date everyday on the top of the class book but still for certain things we do need to put it in the year. So the way this new year day started or went I feel the year will be quite interesting. 

In the morning I was quite irritated but nevertheless was happy to be out of love (most of the time when I say love it means romantic love ) or feelings related to it. Don't know but don't have those feelings for anyone any more. Then took a bath quickly because of two reasons. Didibhai reminded me that its essential to take bath on the first day of the year otherwise you won't take regular baths throughout the year. Although I told her that I don't think I took a bath on the first day last year but still I was more than regular throughout the year. Nevertheless the second reason was that I had to go outside to buy a sketch book for a friend who has of late started sketching and she has already done some wonderful work. I have also decided to start learning the same. Actually one of my other friend once told me that one way to pass time is to make or buy gifts for your friends so thought I can atleast pass time buying things for my friend. Also I had to watch Avtar. 

So I went to watch Avtar. It was an ok movie. With the amount of money used to make it, it could have been much better. But nevertheless must appreciate the effects. They gave the movie a mixture of real and animated appearance. Then bought the sketch book and some drawing pencils. 

Had a long discussion about the investment and loans with Mom n Dad and it seems this year is gonna be an interesting one for our family possessions too. Well overall an interesting day. 

Although the new year has started and I am almost finished with my previous years but still need to share my experience about my trip to Bengal and Bhubaneshwar. Anyways I know I will need to do a lot of sharing this year so wishing a Very Happy N Prosperous new year to my blog. We will rock :-). 

Well will definitely update about the whackiest list that I made for last year and will also come up with the one for this year. So till then enjoy ...