Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sweets and Misthi Doi. Day 3

Sorry for not writing yesterday. Was busy reading and solving puzzles and also watching India win. 
Well it wasn't much eventful yesterday. Well we couldn't get tickets for the Alka Yagnik show :-( so had to sit most of the day at home. Although I drove dad around the town in my Jethu's scooty. It was quite fun driving it. 
Went to a sweet shop and had few rasogolas by myself :-). Also had misthi doi. 

In the evening I went and bought Mughlai and egg roll and some sweets. The best part about these places is that you get to walk a lot. I can definitely do with some walking owing to the amount of sweets and oil I am consuming daily. 

So overall a nice relaxing day. Will keep writing till then chao.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Vacation Day 2

Ok so I have reached my native place. The train was 1 and half hour late. Nevertheless it feels good to be here. The weather is quite pleasant. Although the morning and night are little chilly but otherwise its very moderate. Had Rasogola and chop and they were so Yummy. 

Went to my other Jethu's house.Although I met a lot of people but the one worth mentioning is my niece. She is so sweet and I guess the first kid whom you don't have to urge to sing a song or dance. You will just have to mention and she won't stop after that. 

Everything is good. Miss didibhai. Although its winter time so we don't have one of the common prob in bengal i.e. Humidity but the other problem of mosquitoes is still there. Have already been beaten 4-5 times. Will explore the place tomorrow. 

Tomorrow Alka Yagnik is coming to perform here. Although I have asked my cousin bro to arrange for the tickets but he was telling that we won't get good seats now. Lets see what happens. Watching Dadagiri's grand final( Sourav Ganguly's bengali quiz show) and the special guest is Sharukh Khan so another reason to miss Didibhai. Anyways. 

Enjoy everyone and will continue posting.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter vacations

Well my winter vacations have started. Yes this is the term that is coined by my colleagues. This recession not only put a break on our not-so-hard-earned- never-sufficient earning limit, it has also forced us to take ever-so-ready holidays. So this year after having already taken a break in march we are again asked to holiday from 19th Dec to 3rd Jan.

So my family san my Didibhai decided to visit our native place. So here I am siting in the train feeling nostalgic thinking of the times I used to travel with my complete family.

Since our tickets were not confirmed so we left for station early. On the way to the station we came to know that our waiting list is upgraded to RAC so that means we can atleast board the train and we are given two seats on which we four have to adjust. Ok not bad atleast we were happy that we are going. So we reached the station, almost 1.15 minutes before our train will leave. So what else then to sit at the platform and wait.

India is a populous country, for proof you should see any metro's railway station. You will be amazed to see the crowd of people coming from somewhere and going somewhere. Ok I won't go into to details of what all was happening there but just the things which are worth mentioning.

In India you will find human weighing machines installed at various locations. I saw a little boy coming down from one such machine, smiling sheepishly with his family waiting eagerly for him. Oh I forgot to mention the place was full of Bengalis by now. That boy reminded me of the times when me and Didibhai used to take a rupee coin from dad and then used to go to one of those machines. Then in case the card showed weight less than expected we used to be delighted and if it showed more than expected we used to say its because we are wearing more layers of clothes. My dad used to say his shoes are heavy,an acceptable reason for his excess weight shown on the card. Those cards sometimes have your horoscope or sometimes list a trait of some bollywood Actor. I don't check my weight anymore ever since I started weighing like a baby elephant as I know that I may have remained constant at that figure but by no means I might have reduced. But I know Didibhai must have checked.

Ok so after that I went to check the charts to see who are our co occupants as we have to share two seats between three of us. It showed some Dey and Poddar. Both of whom I expected to be some typical middle aged Bongs(Bong is a slang for Bengalis).

Right now I am sitting with I guess Mr Dey who is a middle aged half bald guy working in TCS New Delhi, who is going to attend his college reunion. NO I din't ask any of this to him. I couldn't help hearing it when he was telling all this to our fellow passengers. We Bengalis don't need topics to talk we just need people( One more reason for me to feel I am not a true Bengali). And if they happen to be Bengali then no matter whether we have met before or are ever going to meet again or not, but by the time we separate we can recite each other's family line especially about those distant relatives whom we have not met in ages but there locations or doing or achievements are worth boosting off. Our favorite topic is having pity on the sorry state of Bengal and sometimes if we are generous then we take that to India as a whole.

So now coming to Miss Poddar. Ya you have read it right she is a girl. She seems to have come out straight from some Chetan Bhagat novel. She is sharing the seat with my mom n jethima :-| on the berth adjacent to mine separated by an opaque partition. I saw her staring at me once and I quickly went to check myself fearing there must be something odd in the way I am looking otherwise why will she stare. She is wearing glasses.( I think I heard someone say cute :-P). This is the long I have ever mentioned some unknown girl on my blog.hmmm...

Well coming to my other co passengers. There are two families on my side. One a seemingly rude guy with wife and two kids who are like all kids, naughty, innocent and talkative. The other is a lady traveling with her kid and her father who is the typical bong guy who knows everything, can comment on everything and the most important you won't be surprised if he knows all your relatives or friends who are living where he lives.

So I will keep updating my travel account and all the thing going around me provided I get time and can access net easily from my mobile. Till then enjoy :-)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Something pointless...

Sometimes I feel like discussing everything that goes on in my mind, even the silly stupid things that I am thinking, with few friends. So many things that I want to open about. But the reason that people I think of sharing with, themselves don't open to me, make me drop the idea and secondly even if I ignore the first reason I somehow feel that my sharing with them makes me vulnerable in front of them and I don't think I can take there sometime unexpected behavior in a positive way.

I started writing this blog initially to keep tab of even the smallest thing that occured which I will share with someone later but now since that is never gonna happen I don't capture everything here anymore. Although I have matured enough to write anything I wish to without thinking about my audience's reaction but at times I do feel that I shouldn't make somethings public.

Initially I used to think that I needed a mute friend who could listen to me like they say "everyone want someone to listen" thats why I started pouring out everything to my blog but then I realised I don't only want someone to listen but I want someone to talk back too so thats why the quote got improvised to "Everyone want someone to talk".

Mahastri (quoting her after a long time and since have lost touch with most of the mahastris so don't quote them often) told me that "If someone is not talking themselves first then you should go ahead and talk, no use sulking instead" and yes she is right but just the fact that it may not go the way you expect may act as a demotivating factor, is something one should get over.
May be as my friend says that its the lack of reciprocation that put us off but ultimately giving then expecting is still the golden rule and until you give you can't expect reciprocation.

PS: As always don't know what I started to write about and what I ended about writing :-)


Liked this saying , justifies me.

"Those who can't do, preach. Those who can't preach, do"

Monday, December 14, 2009


"We start our life fighting for the window seat and we end our life occupying the aisle seat so that we can run to the washroom uninterrupted "

Random Thought XL

Sometimes it amazes me to see some people talk endlessly everyday, wondering from where do they get the topics to discuss. For me it sometimes not even a syllable beyond "How are you? , Everything fine"

May be that's what makes me boring.

Random Thought XXXIX

Reading the you-will-take-it-for-real fictions written by the Indian authors portraying the life of Indian youth I sometimes feel that I myself have been living a fictional life quite contrary to the real life portrayed in those books.

Random Thought XXXVIII

I have observed that its not only me , a lot of others too get loud and crack silly jokes when they are in a public place filled with known people, just to make people laugh.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Watching Dead Poets Society (the movie).. I have written watching because I see it around 20 minutes (around 2 hours movie.) everyday. 

So this is a little conversation between Robin Williams(Keating) and another teacher. 

Like the quotes they quoted.

McAllister: "Show me the heart unfettered by foolish dreams and I'll show you a happy man."
John Keating: "But only in their dreams can men be truly free. 'Twas always thus, and always thus will be."
McAllister: Tennyson?
John Keating: No, Keating.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Random Thought XXXVII

I am not that much concerned about doesn't, I am more worried about can't.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Random Thought XXXVI

Sometimes I get so scared of the way people around me act that I even fear asking myself to counsel me fearing some unexpected reaction.


Attended 3 weddings in a single night yesterday :) 

Incidentally one was of my college teacher (she just taught one semester and currently working in public sector)and another was of my college Junior . The third one was of my friend's sister's.

After a long time something I planned and accomplished :)

And as always it felt really good to spend some time with my ex-office friends(I have to write ex-office to highlight when we became friends and why I am close to those people). Really miss those guys :(

Random Thought - XXXV

The one moment in the day which gives me utmost satisfaction is the moment just before I am about to reach my stop and I see my fellow colleagues still standing there waiting for the bus. That moment I feel satisfied that I am not going to miss the bus today. Although this satisfaction goes once I am at the stop waiting for the bus, but at least for that one moment it is always there.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Nothing in his life became him like leaving it - Shakespeare

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Random Thought XXXIV

Constantly knocking on a wall won't turn it into a door.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Change is happening. Don't know for good or bad...

Oh god what has happened to me. I bought a milky bar a week back and not only I din't eat the moment I bought and kept it in the fridge, even after being reminded by both my mom and myself I din't ran and devoured it. There was a time when none of the chocolates or candies could last more than an hour since they changed hand from the shopkeeper to your highness. Well some serious change has happened. May be I am growing up :-)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Games we are playing...

Games bug is what has bitten my family. My mom has by chance found two decks of cards in the drawer and ever since then we three play cards in the evening.

So nowadays after reaching home I watch as usual friends from 7.30 parallely playing cards with my parents. Not only cards, my mom also found ludo, carrom and also chess. So we play carrom too although the board is quite small. I also brought a print out of snakes and ladder and now we just need to paste it on a card board.

So we have found a nice past time for the evening :-)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Week that it was...

Well this was arguably one of the best week of my life. The week which may turn out to be the one which may change my life for good. Well it started with a two day training. Behavioral Trainings in my organization has a lovely flair. It brings people from different departments and line of work under the same roof and then indulges them into activities which not only gel them together but also makes them feel so comfortable with each other. Then came Wednesday. Don't know what happened or what I did differently but no doubt I may never forget it. The next two days turned out so different. Although professionally quite hectic but personally I never felt or behaved so differently. Nothing ground breaking happened but nevertheless it was good and hope it remains so.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Random Thought 34

Those hundred moments of despair and frustration are nothing compared to that one moment of ecstasy and happiness that it brings.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hazaroon Khwahishen Aisi

I don't know whether it only happens with me or its just a coincidence. Every time I am eager to know about something I find that unknowingly things I do are someway or other get related to that. 
Like for example ever since the Naxal activities have become so wide spread I thought about reading more about their history, who are they? Or how they came into existence, whats their motive etc. So this monday I just started watching Hazaroon Khwahishen Aisi having heard that its a nice movie without even knowing whats its all about and to my surprise I found it to be related to naxals. Although I was disappointed with the story as it din't give much insight about the topic but nevertheless it posed so many questions about them. I know movies can never give you the correct insight but I always believe that for people who are ignorant or don't know much about many things it atleast give them a picture that they should explore. In all a so so movie.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


After a long time I guess I have read a positive love quote ...

"Don't say we aren't right for each other, the way I see it, we are not right for anybody else"

~ Anonymous

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


One of my friend once shared this quote with me and I could not recall who is the original writer of this so I will attribute this to my friend

"Don't be missing from someone's life for so long that they get habitual of it"

Random Thought XXXIII ...

Every person should be allowed to be insane or crazy for atleast 2 minutes everyday.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wake Up Sid ...

Have started writing this on 2nd October the day I watched Wake Up Sid but some how din't complete it.

So that day Me, Dev and Innocent Devil went to watch Wake Up Sid. Well as most of you might have already seen it so not much to say about it.

It’s nice movie, one time watch types but could have been much better.

The reason I wanted to write about it is the incident that happened while we were watching the film. The film has one or two touching scenes between Ranbir Kapoor and Supriya Pathak who plays his Mom in the movie.

First when Ranbir is at his home all frustrated and shocked knowing that he has failed his exams and his Mom starts saying that how could you fail so he shouts that “What you know about passing and failing when you yourself have never been to school”

Then after a fight with his Dad on that he leaves home.

Then when he is shooting( clicking photos) his next door neighbor and her child he remembers his mother and goes back to meet her. Her mother has a habit of trying to talk to him in English and since she doesn’t know a word of it she generally sounds very funny and weird. So at that time he tells her Mom why you try to talk to me in English when you don’t know it. Then his mother says that its because as she feels that then only she has a chance of becoming his friend and it seriously makes you feel so bad thinking all the time when your parents try to do things which they don’t know how to do but they still try just for the sake of their child. For example like your mother trying to eat in a restaurant with a fork and spoon just not to embarrass you (My mom was the only person in my family who used to eat Dosa so elegantly and easily with fork and spoon and it was we who used to embarrass her by eating with our hand), so this example is more from a TV Advertisement in which the Mom who is around 60 years old sitting in a 5 star hotel looks so confused seeing all the people around her eating with fork and spoon, so on noticing that her son puts his fork and spoon down and starts eating with his hands and signals his mom to start eating, ending her confusion.

Well coming back to the incident that happened. So after this scene made me emotional, wanting to talk to my Mom and in general the atmosphere touchy, the movie continued. After 10-15 minutes of that scene the phone of the person who was sitting behind me ranged and it was his Mom. I just happened to listen to the conversation as he was sitting so close. His Mom was inquiring about his health and whether he has taken his medicines or not but he very abruptly hanged the phone telling her that he was in a meeting and will talk later.

Ok now I am not commenting whether what the guy did was right or wrong but I just felt bad. I don’t know may be I have lied to my Mom a hell lot of times when I was a kid but now I know one person with whom I can be honest is My Mom. Anyways she is “Mother” so no matter how hard you try you can never lie to her, she understands you so well that she will at once catch you lying or will understand the thing without the need to give an excuse or lie.

I don’t have to tell her that I was out with my friends watching a movie she will get it anyway so what’s the need to lie?

Anyways I guess the scene before and the incident that followed made me just little upset with people in general.

The movie again highlights how important it is for people to understand their responsibilities, to value their parents who have sacrificed and tried so much for their children. And of course the fact that friends are always there and forever and if you have any such friend just hold them tightly.

Nevertheless a time pass movie especially watching with two most eligible bachelors :- p.

PS: I might have goofed up with the exact wordings of the dialogue I cited as its been long since I watched it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Finally woke up :-)

Finally after almost 7 years since I got voting rights I could vote as finally my name was in the voter list. It feels good and I am glad that I could do it before turning 25 years old :-) Thought of putting a photo of my marked finger along with this post but may be later...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Random Thought XXXII

You should love yourself otherwise no one else will :-)

Random Thought XXXI

Few weeks back while driving my scooter I realized that while driving at around 60-70 kmph you can sing quite loudly without fearing about getting heard or disturbing anyone , as most of your voice gets lost in the space. Wish I could do it or shout right now :(

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


If you lend someone 100Rs and never see that person again, it was probably worth it
~ Anonymous

Random Thought XXX

If you have not done great things, then it doesn't mean you are useless

Monday, October 5, 2009


The condition of roads in India are at their worst at present and now the non seasonal rains are not helping at all :-(

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Alphabetically Me .. :)

Although I have been planning and writing a Rendezvous with myself but nevertheless saw this list on someone's blog and felt it would be real fun to fill one for myself.

A – Available/Single? - Someone asked isn't it the same ? But I guess it depends on the answer that you give. Mine is I am Single :)

B – Best friend? - Me, Myself n I.

C – Cool or Hot? - Cool when its too hot to handle and hot when it requires to chill.

D – Drink of choice? - Water. Nothing else can match it.

E – Essential item you use every day? Toothbrush.

F – Favorite colour? Sometimes I like green, love black and at times blue.

G – Girls or Guys? Hope its a "straight" question. Guys for crying and Girls for laughing.

H – Hometown? Interesting. I have been living in Faridabad since last 15 odd years.

I – Indulgence? Day Dreaming.

J – January or February? December.

K – Kids & their names? 2 , Narendra and Minoti. Dad is 60 now and Mom is 50 plus so they are like kids to me now.

L – Life is incomplete without? Family.

M – Marriage date? 11/12/13 (dd/mm/yy) . He he he...

N – Number of siblings? 2, one little sis and one elder sister (all in my Didibhai)

O – Oranges or Apples? Mangoes

P – Phobias/Fears? Fear of losing my family members.

Q – Quote for today? Love is a choice you make from moment to moment.

R – Reason to smile? Nowadays I smile a lot thinking about the crazy things I did.

S – Season? I love Winter.

T – Truth? Believe in what is said in Bhagwad Gita. "Agar Ek Jhoot se kisi ka Bhala hota hai (aur kisi ka nuksaan na ho), to wo Sau Sach ke Barabar hai"

U – Unknown fact about me?  Over possessive about people and relations.

V – Vegetable you don’t like? Arbi. Can eat humans but Arbi, never.

W – Worst habit? Dwell a lot about so called small things.

X – X-rays you’ve had? None :(

Y – Your favorite food? Fish curry that my Mom cooks.

Z – Zodiac sign? Sagittarius.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


"People rarely succeed unless they are having fun at what they are doing" - Dale Carnegie

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


"The Worst part about life is that Its never that bad that it can't get worse" - Calvin

Thursday, September 17, 2009


"When will my raise be effective?" "The same time you are." -- Wally, Catbert (from Dilbert)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just Wish......

Sometimes I feel a strong urge to shout at the top of my voice. Shout so loud that my vocal chords start paining. I know its not possible in the surroundings in which we live. But I doubt whether that will be possible even somewhere deserted.

The second thing I wish I could do was, to run, run without stopping like Tom Hanks in Forest Gump. Although while watching the movie I couldn't understand his purposeless running. But now I seriously want to do that. Run, run and run. Without caring why,where.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dad turn sixty

My dad turns sixty today. I feel like asking him Has he achieved what all he wanted to by this time ? Like we nowadays think that after 10 years I should be here or at 30 I should have done this so in the same way he too must had some dreams. I want to ask him all those so if not already  fulfilled, may be I can help him in doing those. 

But may be like they say that a son is more close to his mom then father I also feel that a father n son have that kind of apprehensions in talking with each other. There conversations are mainly short and have subject. 

I still remember when I started going to office three years back I used to come back everyday and tell my mom everything that happened that day , both personal and professional, while standing in kitchen without even taking my shoes off, which I still do. So my dad complained to my sister that I only talk to mom and don't talk with him. I was so surprised to know that. After that I made sure to strike conversation with him after I am back from office. 

But dad is always DAD. He is still the same guy hearing whose jeep's noise I used to leave everything and run for my books. On result days in order to save myself from his scoldings I used to hide in toilets or underneath the bed. 

Ever since I am using a cell phone he calls me on phone when I am late from college or now from office. At those times I find in his voice not that authority of a father but instead its sounds more that of a friendly father. When I am late at night,hanging out with friends, he always used to call asking Are you going to come today? When I was in college this question was more sarcastic but nowadays its more to know if the front door should be kept unlocked. Sometimes he doesn't call, may be thinking that I have grown up now and should be given some freedom but I miss his calls a lot at those times. 

I know he has struggled a lot in his life and he is still struggling. 

One thing I feel bad about him is that he doesn't have any close friend and that scares me a lot. The same with my mom and may be with both of me and my sister. May be Jana's don't have that.  :)

I really want to fulfil all his dreams like Anupam kher says to Sharukh in DDLJ that if you think you are done with enjoying your life then go and enjoy mine. Its just that its the other way around here. I want to tell him that tell me what you want I will do that for you. What all you dreamt as a youngster as a grown up, I will help you fulfil those. Its not that late. 

One thing  I know for sure that he wants to own a luxury car and me and my sister are going to present him one soon. May be we missed the sixtieth birthday deadline but its better late then never. 

May god bless him with the best of health, happiness and everything.

Friday, September 11, 2009


I keep six honest serving-men.
They taught me all I knew.
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.
- Rudyard Kipling

Monday, September 7, 2009

Random Thought XXIX

Well today I was reading an article by M J Akbar that has been published in the Independence Day Special Issue of India Today, which carries articles on India by prominent personalities mainly highlighting where according to them we are lacking, what are the issues we are facing and their probable solutions etc.

I have not read all articles yet but they are really very good read.

So M J Akbar starts with this line "When does tomorrow starts?" and then he answers "if its at midnight then its good because we can prepare for that". I am bit confused about what is the meaning of his answer but nevertheless it makes me see the paradox that this question-answer has.

For me it is "When does tomorrow start?, Isn't it at midnight when most of us are sleeping ? "

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Well this one is from the latest book that I finished "1984 by George Orwell".

In the AfterWord given by P K Das, he interprets this thought from the book (little improvised)

"We humans are building machines that we want should behave as humans and at the same time we are developing humans that we want to be like machines "

Quite true.....

Well as far as the book is concerned its a kind of negative utopia, which projects a world in which humans don't have any human qualities. Quite a philosophical and sociological book.

Will recommend to people who want to increase their vocabulary as the language is heavy and well articulated.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Random Thought XXVIII

As everyone must have heard about uproar that as been caused by Jaswant Singh's latest book where he called Jinnah, a Secular and blamed Nehru, Patel for the partition, So I was also reading articles about it and the debate that it had started. So this thought came to my mind

"Why is it called Partition of India and not creation of Pakistan? When a mother gives birth to a baby its said that a baby has born and never like a baby has been partitioned/separated. Because to put it plainly, it was something which everybody knew that wasn't correct "

Its indeed a very debatable topic and I really differ to comment more until I am fully aware of all the facts. But nevertheless a random thought.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Black or White who is more colored ?


When i born,i blackWhen i grow up,i black
When i go in sun,.i black
When i scared, i black
When i sick,i black
n when i die i am still black!!!!
When u born,u pink
When u grow up,u white
When u go in sun,u red
when u cold,u blue
When u scared,u yellow
When u sick,u green
AND when u die,u gray……
And u call me COLORED?????

Don't know about it being really nominated or written as stated or what but nevertheless a very true and touching composition.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Taken from one of my Contact's status...

"Why do I keep hitting myself with a hammer???..... Because it feels so good when I stop"

So true...Most people like to experience pain because it makes them appreciate the good things more.

You can't have everything...

Well I have been using my Didibhai's cell phone since last 2 odd years and since my earlier phone (Nokia 1100..... I love it) din't have FM or Mp3 support so I was happy to use Didibhai's phone as it had both. But after using it for few months ,I broke the original ear phones and ever since then I been trying hard to use it properly as since then I have not found any shop that sells the original ear phones and have to do with local ones. These local ones have two problems, first they don't fit properly in the slot and second they are so fragile (and with my kind of handling) they broke down after every few months. So in order to make them fit I used to insert a pin or any thing that could hold them in the jack and as a result of that the slot got widened.

So I decided after much struggle to get the slot replaced with a new one . Although I was apprehensive about getting the original replaced with a local one but since I was really frustrated so I went ahead and got it replaced this Saturday. And since my last ear phones had broke down so I couldn't test it and waited till Sunday to get a new ear phone.

But don't know on Sunday something stuck me and I inserted the old ear phone and it detected it and as they were broken I could not test it properly. After that I took the ear phone but to my horror it didn't detect that it has been removed and all my attempts after that to make it come out of headset mode as been futile.

I purchased a new ear phone and its working fine. It fits well, let me make and receive calls and I can hear while sleeping without thinking whether it will come out or not .. in short everything you could do with an ear phone but it doesn't let me get out of the headset mode :(.... and I don't get to know if its ringing or not unless I have the ear phones on, which I can't have all the time. :(

Although I will get it corrected by today but still the old saying holds true "You can't have everything" :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Quote ...

"The reason people find it so hard to be happy is that they always see the past better than it was, the present worse than it is, and the future less resolved than it will be."

- Marcel Pagnol

Thursday, July 30, 2009


I don't know from whom or from where I read this improvised version of a quote but its sure is very depressingly funny thinking on that person's part.... Ok the quote is like this

"It takes more muscles to frown than smile ...and my doctor told me to exercise more" :-P :-P

I am elated....

Somebody is angry with me and because of that that somebody is ignoring me but all this is making me laugh and feel so important because when I do the same thing to that somebody I know how much importance and thoughts I have to give them.........

Although it sucks to see somebody upset because of you but at the same time it makes me feel elated....... :-P

PS: This all ignoring and being angry can be my imagination too....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Random Thought XXVII

"The worst things in your life at least makes you appreciate the better things that you have"

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Finally it rained....

Well I have been praying intensely since last few weeks (or may be more than month) for it to rain heavily for at least an hour in Faridabad and for me to witness it while its pouring, so yesterday finally it happened...

Although I couldn't get drenched :( but I had the privilege of being out there, maneuvering my car through the floods of water that filled all the roads while the wipers despite being at their top speed couldn't keep the glass clean even for a fraction of second.

It was so fun to drive with the rain pounding everywhere, although I couldn't open the windows as it was pouring at an angel but nevertheless it was the next best thing to getting drenched.

Just hope it keeps raining like this for few weeks or atleast a week and I pray to get drenched one day , although my colleague who goes with me daily from my house to stop and vice versa, is definitely going to kill me for always landing him in soup with my these stupid wishes .... :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Dance and Movies......Weekend Snippets

This weekend we changed the place from where we were initially learning dance (read P T) as we had already changed three instructors there and all of them had the same problem of not paying attention to, lets forget the minute details, even the basic details of each step.

So we went to a new place named "Pink Rockers" and so far its better.

Well I completed reading both the "A Thousand Splendid Suns" and its predecessor "A Kite Runner" (in the same order as written here). And both the books are must read kind of books. Since I read Kite Runner later so its more fresh in my memory and hence I am more in awe of that but nevertheless Kite Runner is a very well written book , quite high on emotions and the way it portrays the darker side of Amir, the main protagonist, you never feel anything bad about that guy rather you always feel bad for him. The only thing I personally felt lacking was Hassan's side of story. Ok may be the people who have read the book won't agree with me but I just felt that it would have been good to know his side. Just like Amir wanted Hassan to hit him back with the Pomegranate, in the same way I wanted Hassan to speak up but may be thats what made his character so adorable.

Actually since I read A Thousand Splendid Suns first, I liked the way he simultaneously kept telling the sides of both Mariam and Laila and this helped one understand both's perspective.

Anyways both books are beautiful and give you an insight to the history of Afghanistan and creates a sorry but sympathetic picture of that country.

As I completed Kite Runner on Friday so on Saturday I watched "Kite Runner" the film and as already put forward by one of my friend. The movie is just a fast paced account of the book. And as felt by most a movie cannot create the emotions in the same way as the author has created through the book.

Just two things in which I felt the director did a good job were that he took the liberty to show the reason of why Amir and his father had to leave Afghanistan which the book never mentioned and secondly the last scene in which he shows Amir flying the kite and then running it for Sohrab. The emotions related to that scene were beautifully shown.

A so - so movie if you have read the book.

Moving ahead then I watched "Hangover", a funny movie about friends who go to Vegas to celebrate one of their friend's Bachelor's party and then after consuming alcohol mixed with Date Rape drug they get up the next morning in a mess and they cannot find their friend who is getting married and because of the drug they cannot remember anything that happened last night. So its story of how they trace back what they did last night and ultimately find their friend.

Then I completed Finding Nemo which I was seeing in pieces since last few days. Another lovely animated movie and beautifully portrays a father-son relation.

And lastly on Sunday night I watched "Pursuit of Happyness" a biography of Chris Gardner and his struggle from being a non-selling salesman to a successful stock broker. An interesting thing that happened was after I copied this from one of my friend I changed the title by replacing the y by i in Happiness as I thought that person has misspelled it by mistake but as soon as I started the movie and they started the credits I found that the spelling was intentional and now I know that its related to the story.

Well its a lovely movie and Will Smith is too good. Its just that I din't find it that sad except the time when he cries while sleeping with his son in the toilet of that Railway station or the time when he sells his blood for money. Apart from that I found his story quite filled with hard work and at times luck (when he shows up at the Ceo Robbbins and then by luck accompanies him to the ball game which although doesn't result in him getting the contract from him but he manages to get contacts of other important people who later help him meet his target and get the job.)

A slept a lot too this weekend with a stretch of 4 hours sleep in the afternoon both on Saturday and Sunday. And also had to bear an agonizing pain in my stomach for no reason.

Also vented my unwanted anger at some one who as always ignored it.

Nevertheless a weekend filled of anger, expressing myself, sleep, exercise(not started with dancing yet) and movies......


A Funny thing happened ...... A colleague who travels with me in the bus today asked me if I was carrying any book so as I had just completed Kite Runner and was about to return it today, so I told her that right now I have Kite Runner.

Hearing that she said that she has already read it and in the end she cried, I said good. Then she said "Kya aapko bhi aisa hota hai ki you just cry at times reading or seeing something without thinking where you are ? Its so embarrassing". I simply laughed on hearing this as its reminded me the last week's incident and post..

Then I gave her "How to stop worrying and start living by Dale Carnegie" which is one book which is always kept in my bag.

Just was little amusing to hear that thing from her......

Friday, July 24, 2009


Never regret something that once made you smile.
-- Amber Deckers, Ella Mental and the Good Sense Guide

Its a very important thing to remember when you start doubting all the things that happened in past.
But unfortunately people will make you regret it by their actions or rather inactions.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Boys do cry......

Well this was my Gtalk status for today and it got few comments from people on my contact list and some of them do wanted to know what happened? why this status?

I really thought a lot about writing this post in a way that I won't have to touch what happened but after thinking a lot the voice within me told me that you need not hide it from your blog.

So , yes I cried today in the morning(ok it wasn't like tears were flowing from my eyes just that my eyes got wet and its not that a rare phenomenon since last year) while sitting in the office bus (I generally sit alone so don't worry I din't embarass myself and generally people hardly notice me :) ) but why ? thats all together a different post. And seeing the urge to write (this happens to be the 6th post and the 4th published post I am writing today. and I skipped my guitar class to write this) I might write that too.

Ok coming to that status. Generally my morning happens this way. Sitting in the bus , when the bus hits the expressway, I close the book I am reading and close my eyes and then start dreaming (I try hard to sleep but due to some apparent reasons I can't, so its generally day dreaming). And then the thoughts I am pondering upon lead to some statement or quote and that becomes my status for the day.

So today as my eyes were wet , a statement which till last few years used to bother me because of my lack of crying, sprang into my mind "Boys don't cry" and immediately another voice rebelled saying "Boys do cry" and a series of incidents flashed into my mind.

Ok one sign that I generally associate with maturity is not being able to shed tears(I mean constant flow of tears from your eyes) and this has disturbed me a lot in past and I somehow accepted it as an ill effect of "getting mature" but ever since my Masi died and tears rolled down my eyes I somehow thought that its not that true.

So coming to the statement and incidents , yes we boys do cry. One of my contact commented that "Yes boys cry ..in loneliness" but I said "Not only then, I have seen people(I mean boys) cry even in front of their friends".

So the incidents that flashed in my mind starts from way back when I was in school. One of my friend who was quite Macho in his attitude cried in front of us on hearing that one of our close friend's father had died. I was sad and I cried too at home but I still remember the image of my that other friend(the macho one) crying while discussing it with us. I know it was indeed a very sad incident but I just couldn't imagine him at that time crying in front of everyone.

The next incident was that of Veeru Dada , who happens to be quite an emotional guy . He cried twice,many times more, but these two were significant. First one was when he cried while talking to one of our friend(girl and she was just friend and married now :) ) and I don't remember why but he told me later that he did and then again when we cancelled a party at his house after he had already arranged everything . Ok it wasn't a childish cry of why you guys cancelled it, it was more out of the circumstances in which it was cancelled. And after that many times in private either just in front of me or our close friends.

Then came an incident when I cried while still being in college, owing to a comment made by one of my friends about me and another friend and when all the involved people came to know that it made me cry , they all cried. :)

Then on the last day of our college , Mr Chocolaty cried and since that was the life-changing day of my life(the day after which my life changed for both good and bad), I couldn't sympathise with him and I just laughed. But had it been one of my normal day I would have cried too.

Next was when Mr NRI cried in the SRS parking lot(forgive me if I goofed up the order), he just got so frustrated with the way everything was going on in his life and he just couldn't hold back his tears. We all hugged him and consoled him.

Another incident was when we went to our village as my grand mother has died (One more of an incident which strengthen my then believe of boys don't cry as tears din't flow) and sitting there while my Dad was talking to my Pishi (Father's sister), I for the first time saw my Dad cry. Again I used to think when I was a kid that My Dad don't cry because he is mature. But that day I saw him cry for his mother.

All these incidents strengthens the fact that boys do cry and its definitely good to cry at times and as Dev says that it helps to clean your eyes too :)

I can see myself and my friends crying on a very emotional occasion, both happy and sad and I don't think anyone of us will try to hold our tears back then. And believe me crying do help a lot :)

PS: I am fine now so no need to worry :)

Meera Bai...

Well recently on TV (I forgot the channel) they are airing a promo of a new serial which is based on the life of Meera Bai.

Meera Bai was a princess of some province in Rajasthan, I guess Mewar and when she was a kid , on, seeing one of her closed one getting married, she pesterd her Mom to get her married too . And finding her not being bobbed down on being told that she can't marry now , her mother gave her an idol of Lord Krishna and told her that this is your husband and you can get married to him now. And after that she devoted her whole life to Lord Krishna. She was so devoted to him that even after being forced to marry Bhojraj she never accepted him as her husband. And finally seeing her undivided devotion, her mother in law gave her poison and she readily drank it and died.

Ok , so actually this post isn't about Meera bai. With due respect to her and her devotion , I never really liked her character and one reason for this was that way back in school , while I was studying in 3rd or 4th standard at Jaipur , we enacted this play and in that play I played the part of Bhojraj :). And a very good friend of mine played Meera Bai. My elder sister (Didibhai) played the part of my mother.

I still remember the day the castings were announced. I was very happy (and as always I showed my expressions too loudly)as I was Bhojraj and my friend was Meera Bai but that evening Didibhai came to me and told me that my friend cried in front of her saying that she don't want to play my wife as she always looked up to me as her brother (till this day this one line never left me, I still hear it from those quarters from where I never wanted it to be said).

So it made me sad (although it makes me laugh too) and I remember throughout the rehersals and the play she couldn't accept it and was always miffed because of this. She even shrugged it off when on the day of the play I ran backstage towards her to tell her that for poison we are using Coke. All those moments still flashes in front of my eyes as if it happened just yesterday.

Ironically I thought of writing this post the day I saw that promo(which was few days back) but couldn't get time and today when I am writing this , I just got the news that she is getting married this November. It makes me so happy for her and thats why just after knowing this news I wanted to write this post at any cost :)

She is a very good friend of mine and despite not being in touch after I left Jaipur in 1994, after almost 13-14 years she searched and found me on orkut.

May God bless her and give her a very happy and prosperous married life :)..Ameen

My Mom says....

My Mom very rightly says that "Whatever we do in this life, we get it back in this very life. Whatever we say or do to anyone, whether good or bad, the same thing comes back to us "

I have experienced it both the hard way as well as the better way.


Aadmi aadmi se milta hai,
Par dil yahan kisi-kisi se milta hai.
Bhul Jaata hun uska har sitam,
Wo kuch is Saadgi se milta hai.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Random Though XXVI

Somebody must have said this before too..

"It was never meant to be the way it isn't"

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


"In real love you want the other person's good. In romantic love you want the other person."
--Margaret Anderson

Its good if both merge into one but if thats not the case then you have a constant fight with yourself trying to make sure that both don't contradict or at least the first remains the main motive.

This is my 100th published post :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Never think that you're not good enough yourself. A man should never think that. People will take you very much at your own reckoning. -- Anthony Trollope

Thursday, July 9, 2009


MahaStri once told me that "Nobody is ever going to understand you the way you want them to." She is so true...... but still we want them to understand....

Aj Din Chadheya from Love Aaj Kal

Another one from Love Aaj Kal...this is a soothing song and very well written.

Song : Ajj Din Chadheya
Music : Pritam Chakraborty
Lyrics : Irshad Kamil
Singers : Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Ajj Din Chadheya
Tere Rang Warga
Ajj Din Chadheya
Tere Rang Warga

Phul Sa Hai Khila Aaj Din
Rabba Mere Din Yeh Na Dhale
Woh Jo Mujhe Khawab Mein Mile
Use Tu Lagede Abb Gale
Tenu Dil Da Vasta

Rabba Aaya Dar De Yaar De
Sara Jahan Chod Chad Ke

Mere Sapne Sawar De
Tennu Dil Da Vasta

Ajj Din Chadheya
Tere Rang Warga

Baksha Gunaho Ko
Sun Ke Duwao Ko
Rabba Pyaar Hai
Tune Sab Ko Hi De Diya

Meri Bhi Aahon Ko
Sun Le Duwao Ko
Mujhko Woh Dila Mene Jisko Hai Dil Diya

Baksha Gunaho Ko
Sun Ke Duwao Ko
Rabba Pyaar Hai
Tune Sab Ko Hi De Diya

Meri Bhi Aahon Ko
Sun Le Duwao Ko
Mujhko Woh Dila Mene Jisko Hai Dil Diya

Aasmaan Pe Aasmaan Uske De Itna Bata
Woh Jo Mujhko Dekh Ke Hase
Pana Chahun Raat Din Jise

Rabba Mere Naam Kar Use
Tenu Dil Da Vasta

Ajj Din Chadheya
Tere Rang Warga

Manga Jo Mera Hai
Jata Kya Tera Hai
Mene Kaun Si
Tujhse Jannat Manga Li

Kaisa Khuda Hai Tu
Bas Naam Ka Hai Tu

Rabba Jo Teri Itni Si Bhi Na Chali


Manga Jo Mera Hai
Jata Kya Tera Hai
Mene Kaun Si
Tujhse Jannat Manga Li

Kaisa Khuda Hai Tu
Bas Naam Ka Hai Tu

Rabba Jo Teri Itni Si Bhi Na Chali

Chahiye Jo Mujhe
Kar De Tu Mujhko Ata

Jeeti Rahi Saltanat Teri
Jeeti Rahe Ashiqui Meri

Dede Mujhe Zindagi Meri
Tenu Dil Da Vasta

Rabba Mere Din Yeh Na Dhale
Woh Jo Mujhe Khawab Mein Mile
Use Tu Lagede Abb Gale
Tenu Dil Da Vasta

Rabba Aaya Dar De Yaar De
Sara Jahan Chod Chad Ke

Mere Sapne Sawar De
Tennu Dil Da Vasta

Ajj Din Chadheya
Tere Rang Warga

Ajj Din Chadheya
Tere Rang Warga

Ajj Din Chadheya
Tere Rang Warga

Din Chadheya

Tere Rang Warga

Ajj Din Chadheya

Lyrics taken from glamsham.com

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Chor Bazari from Love Aaj Kal

Lovely song from Love Aaj Kal...Has lovely lyrics and foot tapping music.

Song : Chor Bazari
Music : Pritam Chakraborty
Lyrics : Irshad Kamil
Singers : Neeraj Sridhar & Sunidhi Chauhan


Na Re Nanna Re

Chori Bazari Do Naino Ki
Phele Thi Aadat Jo Hat Gai

Pyaar Ki Jo Teri Meri
Umar Aai Thi Woh Ghat Gai

Duniya Ki To Pikkar Kahan Thi
Teri Bhi Abb Chinta Ghat Gai

Chanda Rre
Tu Bhi Tu Hai
Mein Bhi Mein Hoon
Duniya Saari Dekh Ulat Gayi
Tu Na Jaane Mein Na Jaanu
Kaise Saaari Baat Palat Gai

Ghatni Hi Thi Yeh Bhi Ghatna
Ghatte Ghatte Lo Yeh Ghat Gayi

Aahan Chori Bazari Do Naino Ki
Phele Thi Aadat Jo Hat Gai

Tarif Teri Karna
Tujhe Khone Se Darna
Haan Bhul Gaya Abb Tujhpe Din Mein Char Dafa Marna

Tarif Teri Karna
Tujhe Khone Se Darna
Haan Bhul Gaya Abb Tujhpe Din Mein Char Dafa Marna

Pyaar Khumari Utari Saari
Baaton Ki Badli Bhi Chhat Gayi

Hum Se Main Pe Aaye Aise
Mujhko To Mein Hi Mein Kat Gayi

EK Hue The Do Se Dono
Dono Ki Abb Raahein Kat Gayi

Na Re Nanna Re
Na Re Nanna Re
Na Re Nanna Re
Na Re Nanna Re

Abb Koi Fikar Nahi
Gum Ka Bhi Zikar Nahi
Haaan Hota Hoon Mein Jis Raste Pe
Aaye Khushi Wohin

Aajad Hoon Mein Tujhse
Aajad Hai Tu Mujhse
Haan Jo Jee Chahe
Jaise Chahe Karle Raj Yahin

Laj Sharm Ki Choti Moti Jo Thi Dori
Woh Bhi Kat Gai
Chauk Chawbare Gali Molhalle
Khol Ke Main Saare Ghonghat Gai

Tu Na Badli Mein Na Badla
Dilli Sari Dekh Badal Gai

Ek Minute Mein Duniya Dari Ki
Saaari Samaj Nikal Gai

Haan Rang Biranga Pani Pe Ke
Seedhi Saadhi Kudi Begad Gayi

Dekh Ke Mujhko Hasta Gaata
Sadh Gai Yeh Duniya Sadh Gai

Na Re Nanna Re
Na Re Nanna Re
Na Re Nanna Re
Na Re Nanna Re

Lyrics taken from glamsham.com

Thought provoking.....

I always wonder how come a Woman be so cruel to another woman. I mean consider all the cases of Dowry, infant mortality etc, the main offender or provoking party in all these cases is a female either as Mother in law or any elder female relative. I know Men are animals but when it comes to family matters its the woman who is generally the driving force. I just couldn't understand how can she forgot that even she went through all these things and at that time she also didn't like it at all , so how can she repeat all those stuffs to someone else.

A got an answer few days back while reading "A Thousand Splendid Suns " by Khaled Hosseini . The female protagonist of the first part Mariam is an illegitimate child who lives with her mother, who having seen the cruelties of life, being a woman, always protest especially when Mariam starts dreaming about spending some happy times with her Father and even threatens to kill herself(and ultimately does) when Mariam decides to spend her birthday with her father and her siblings.

Seeing her protests, Mariam says this to herself, which I feel is true, She thinks "I think mother You are afraid, You are afraid that I will find the happiness that you never had"

I also feel in most of the cases people feel that if they were made to go through something, no matter how bad it was , there subordinates should also go through the same experience.

Will continue.......

Monday, July 6, 2009

Random Thought - XXV

The worst thing about brushing your teeth at night is that in the morning rush you find it real hard to remember whether you have already brushed your teeth in the morning or not.

Friday, July 3, 2009


For every question or thing that we want to know about, there is one person whom we always go first to ask, and that person is our Dad.

Somehow we are always quite sure that no matter anyone else knows about it or not, he will definitely know or at least can give us a pointer to something from where we can find it out. For most of the essential things we take his opinion and knowledge for granted. I have seen almost everyone ringing up their father for any general thing they need to find out related to money matters, asking routes, knowing about some place etc etc and the list is quite long.

And as we grow up , we see him asking (sometimes innocently) few things, respecting us for our experience and affinity to newer things. That sometimes makes us wonder, WOW! Daddy asking us this? Make us feel proud.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

FRIENDS Again...

Well yesterday I reached home little late owing to the heavy traffic jam on the way and as always as soon as I reached home I switched on the TV to watch FRIENDS. I could not make out which season they are playing but there were few incidents in the two episodes that are worth mentioning (It was season 4, Episode 5-6). It involves the other character apart from the six of them , who I feel is also an eternal part of the series. The character is Gunther.

Well in the first episode , the incident was as follows:

Phoebe catches cold and because of that her voice becomes little harsh but she thinks that adds a peculiarity to her Singing. But soon she gets well but Monica catches it, so she does all the weird stuffs to get it back so that she can again sing like when she had cold. But unfortunately despite all her weird efforts she fails to catch cold. Then at the coffee house, just when Gunther was serving coffee , he sneezes. Seeing this Phoebe asks him to kiss so that she can catch the cold and before Gunther could react, she kisses him.

Now the funny part starts , at the end of the episode when they are running the credits, Gunther approaches Rachel and following is the conversation that goes.


Rachel: Yeah.

Gunther: I don't know if you heard about what happened between me and Phoebe the other day_

Rachel: No!

Gunther: Well, we kissed. I-I-I didn't initiate the kiss, but-but I also didn't stop it, and I've been feeling guilty.

Rachel: (confused) Okay.

Gunther: So umm, are we cool?

Rachel: (really confused) Okay.

Gunther: I knew you'd understand.

(Gunther walks away, leaving Rachel with a `What just happened?' look on her face.)

It was so funny....... Unexpressed love can at times make you do stupid things but it can be the best thing that might have happened.

Well in the following episode another incident happens between the two, which goes like this...

[Scene: Central Perk. Rachel is sitting on the couch alone working on a crossword puzzle. Gunther is there, going into the back room.]

Rachel: I did it! Oh! I finished it! I did it all by myself! And there's nobody to hug!

[From the background we hear a crash and Gunther comes running out of the back room, pushing people aside, reaching for Rachel.]

Gunther: Move!

[Gunther slips and falls just before reaching the back of the couch. Monica and Phoebe come into Central Perk.]

Rachel: Hey! Hey, you guys, I finished the crossword all by myself! Hug me!

[Gunther gets up slowly from behind the couch and walks away sadly]

Poor Gunther...........Still remember him expressing his love to Rachel in the last episode of last season and she like most, not taking it the way he meant, just replies I love you too.....

Friday, June 26, 2009

Dance...... MJ

Shit Man...I so wanted to refrain from mentioning about me deciding to join a Dance class(simply don't know why I am joining it) from this weekend till I actually start going there but with this breaking news I can't wait....

"Just when I decide to join Dance Class, Michael Jackson dies..."

Now on a funny note, it means MJ made way for me as at this age he can't bear competition :-P but on a very serious note , I think its sad...I was looking forward to his comeback concerts.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Since the last two days, I am going to office wearing Floaters (Sandals) and it seems to me as if I am just wearing slippers to office, I mean the feeling is so unprofessional. When I stroll in office it makes me feel as if I am in somewhere outdoors.

I don't think in my 3 years of corporate life I have ever worn anything other than formal shoes to office. And it would have remained same if not for this hot summer.

Everyday when I used to reach home in the evening and take off my shoes, I could hear my feets crying for air.

Although open shoes makes them dirty but at least they can breathe all the time otherwise with shoes they just get cramped for freedom.

Although it seems unprofessional but may be to fight this heat you need to be unconventional at times . But with rainy season expected anytime, I wonder how long I am going to have the liberty of wearing them to office.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Random Thought -XXIV

When we are not sure about what we exactly want, we confuse GOD too with our wishes and the end result because of that can be both tragic as well as quite funny :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Wo hans ke mile humse ....

A week or two back I was reading Inscrutable Americans, and one incident that happens with the male protagonist "Gopal" makes me remember one song sung by the great Asha Bhosle in the film Bahare Phir Bhi Aaengi.

I thought I had already shared its lyrics on my blog but may be it was on the previous blog. So here it goes and clearly sums up the experience of most of the people

Wo has ke mile hum se, hum pyaar samaz baithhe
Bekaar hee ulfat kaa, ijahaar samaz baithhe

Aesi to n thee kismat apanaa bhee koee hotaa
kyo khud ko mohabbat kaa, hakadaar samaz baithhe

roye to bhalaa kaise, khole to jubaan kyon kar
dar ye hain ke jaane kyaa, sansaar samaz baithhe...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Calvin & Hobbes

Calvin - "You can't just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood.

Hobbes - What mood is that ?

Calvin - Last minute panic.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Random Thought -XXIII

Such a strange thing called ...(I will say Life :))...... At one time you want to hear some people say "Have a nice day..." to you and at other time when they do say, instead of replying by saying "Same to you" with a smile, the first word that comes to your mind is "Now ????"

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Random Thought.. XXII

Newton's 3rd law says "Every action has equal and opposite reaction"..I guess Newton never loved someone ..LOL :)

Monday, June 8, 2009


Came across this nice Quote few days back....

"God answers all your prayers, its just that sometimes the answer is a NO"

Quite fair...

Friday, June 5, 2009

I din't know -I

Every time I used to see OK TATA written at the back of the trucks that run on Indian Roads, I used to think that they have just written to tease people whom they have overtaken or leading saying Bye bye (TA TA also means Good Bye)(I know its a funny interpretation).

But then soon I realized (I guess after almost 20 odd years of my life), that TATA is only written at the back of the trucks which are of TATA make i.e. the one manufactured by TATA Motors.

And probably OK certifies 0 Killed i.e. Zero person are killed by this truck.(OK originated as a symbol in UK,which soldiers used,to tell others after a battle that 0 persons from this battalion or army has been killed in the war)

PS: I thought about writing a post about the stuffs written at the back of Indian trucks and thought there I will mention this revelation of mine but that post has been left in safe drafts since long and I don't think I will get the motivation to complete it, so instead thought why not at least write a short post about it. (Its definitely short by my standards :-P)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Random Thought - XXI

Meira Kumar is the First Lady Speaker of Indian Parliament. So in the 57 years of our being Republic first time a woman is given the responsibility of managing the Parliament.

So that made me wonder why never before in 57 years?

The Answer I feel is , :)

A speaker is someone who organizes the parliament sessions i.e. to "listen" to everyone and make sure that every one get an opportunity to "Speak", So A WOMAN listening to others and that to, keeping herself quite and letting others Speak ????? :-P....Hmmm indeed an achievement for our country :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Loved It..II

Today as part of Environment Week in my organization there was a painting as well as photography competition . The painiting competition was for the kids of the employees and for that all the painitings done by employee's children were displayed in the Atrium area. The were grouped in three groups 0-3 years , 5-7 and 7-10.

All the paintings were awesome and embarrased me thinking that even a 14 month baby drew a painting which I could only dream of drawing. I was drawn by one of my collegue towards a painting which I had somehow missed. Like others it was also depicting the environment concerns, talking about global warming, pollution and other environmental hazards but at the middle of it in bold this quote was written


I was really touched by the quote and thought how thoughtful.
Simply loved all the paintings. Infact some paintings were so beautiful that even professionals would had tough time drawing something like that. Kudos to those kids.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Loved it......

Today when I got down from the bus at my stop , in front of our bus there was a tempo from which a family got down, actually they were four villagers who I think must have been living at the nearby village.They were two older persons and two kids. Kids were about 4-5 years old and the couple seemed to be in early 60's. It seemed that they have taken lift in the tempo.

So after getting down ,as they started to move away, the smaller of the kid ran back to the front of the tempo where the driver was sitting and uttered a very polite "Thank You" (yep in English)

Then as he was walking back to his family,I was facing him and his family was beside me so I couldn't see their face, but it seemed they had a quizical look, so the kid also gave a proud look to his brother and his parents or grand parents as if telling them "What, I just thanked as he gave us a lift" and although I couldn't see their faces but I am damn sure they must be proud of him for showing gratitude and that too in English...... I simply loved that moment and just wished I had a camera to capture that moment....Proud to see the future of our country :)....We so called grown ups need to learn these basics of humanity from these kids for sure.

PS: Not sure how successful I have been in recreating the scene but just feel that no words can describe that moment completely.