Thursday, January 29, 2009

Noor...Delhi 6

Zarre zarre mein uska noor hai,
Jhaank khud mein wo naa tujhse door hai,
Ishq hai usse to sabse ishq kar,
Ishq hai usse to sabse ishq kar,
Iss ibaadat ka yahi dastoor hai,
Ismein usmein aur usmein hai wo hi,
Ismein usmein aur usmein hai wo hi,
Yaar mera har taraf bharpoor hai…


Tasali To Mil Jati, Rahat To Ho Jati,
Jawab Na Dete Par Sawaal To Kiya Hota.
Gero Se Kaha Tumne, Gero Se Suna Tumne,
Kuch Hum Se Kaha Hota, Kuch Hum Se Suna Hota..

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


There are so many things going on in my mind which I want to write but as Dilbert said "I love to be a writer, but I cannot withstand putting that on paper", I am also finding it real difficult to sit and write all those stuffs.
Stuffs about my trip to Kolkatta to attend my Cousin's marriage, stuffs about my relatives , some of whom I met after almost 8 years, stuffs about my train journey, how it brought back all those lovely memories of my childhood. Then I have to write about Republic Day, how we used to celebrate it in school and how we do it nowadays. Then there is the weekend with my friends,watching Raaz with my friends, the incidence with Innocent Devil and the long talk with Motabhai. And then today I got promoted , the first promotion of my life....Man so many things but no strong desire.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Something chessy - II

Well one more entry to the something cheesy series.

This one is from Karan Johar's first movie "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai", which although a nice movie , I don't like watching much because of the fact that Sharukh gets both the girls(Ya he can have anything and everything) and poor Salman gets nothing despite putting one of his best performance.

Anyways the scene goes like this -> Its the day on which Kajol is getting married and Sharukh comes there with his family. He goes upstairs to meet her and the dialouges goes like this

Sharukh -> "Congratulations"
Kajol (sadly)-> "Thanks."
Sharukh -> "Kya hua tum khush nahi ho? "
Kajol - > "Tum khush ho ?"
Sharukh -> "Haan..."
Kajol -> "Phir main khush kaise ho sakte hun ?...."

I never understood the meaning of the last line as I always thought that in love you are always happy to see the other person happy (Ya I still do :)) and here she is saying this line "Tum khush ho to main khush kaise ho sakte hun ?"

Ok , I agree the other way is always true "Tum udas ho to main khush kaise ho sakti/sakta hun" (Ya I still do :))

But this line of hers never went inside my sane mind :)

But ever since I became total insane, my psycho mind started understanding the depth of this line (Ya theres is a depth to this line :))..My psycho mind(the extreme level of day dreaming) says it is said because you know the thing for which the other person is happy is something for which you are not happy or you feel ki even after knowing/feeling (Ya I still feel that the other person do know/feel :)) that you are not happy if the other person keep being happy then you feel that your being sad is of no matter of concern to that person and you say to him/her that "Tum khush ho to main khush kaise ho sakta/sakti hun" .........I know it sounds too complicated and may be I have failed to put it in correct set of words but nevertheless its all crap....

I feel the other person is not bound to care for your happiness and you have to be happy irrespective of how that person feels and you have every right to be sad but not only because you want the other person to notice and feel sad, in fact you should be happy that they are happy (Ya I always felt and do feel so :) irrespective of my actions)

Friday, January 9, 2009

For You my best was never good enough....

Nice song from Bruce Springsteen...taken from

Every cloud has a silver lining, every dog has his day."
She said "Now don�t stay nothin�
If you don�t have something nice to say
The tough now they get going when the going gets tough."
But for you my best was never good enough

"Now don�t try for a home run baby
If you can get the job done with a hit
Remember a quitter never wins
And a winner never quits
The sun don�t shine on a sleepin� dog�s ass."
And all the rest of that stuff
But for you my best was never good enough

"If God gives you nothin� but lemons then you make some lemonade
The early bird catches the fuckin� worm, Rome wasn�t built in a day
Now life�s like a box of chocolates
You never know what you�re going to get
Stupid is as stupid does" and all the rest of that shit
Come on pretty baby call my bluff
�Cause for you my best was never good enough

Thursday, January 8, 2009

For Me.... From Me..

Kis baat ka hai Gumaan tujhe ,
Kis baat ka tujhe akrosh hai.
Na tere chehre me koi baat hai ,
or na hi teri shakshiyat me koi josh hai.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Few lines I love ...

I Don't know who wrote the lyrics of these ghazals, Jagjit Singh sang them but I just envy them for writing it before I could :)

Just sharing few lines from the first one that I love the most....

Socha Nahin Acha Bura
Dekha Suna Kuch Bhi Nahin
Manga Khuda sey Raat Din
Ek Teray siwa Kuch Bhi Nahin......

Dekha Tujhey, Chaha Tujhey
Soocha Tujhey, Pooja Tujhey
Meri Wafa Meri Khatta
Teri Khatta, Kuch Bhi Nahin.....

The second one is ...

Main bhool jaun tumhen ab yehi munasib hai,,
Magar bhulana b chahun to kis tara bhulun?
K tum to phir b haqeeqat ho koi khaab nahi,
Yahan to dil ka ye aalam hai kia kahun,
Bhula saka na ye wo silsila jo tha hi nahi,
Wo ik khayal jo awaz tak gaya hi nahi,
Wo ek baat jo main keh nahi saka tumse,
Wo ek rabt jo hum main kabhi raha hi nahi,
Muje hai yad wo sab jo kabhi hua hi nahi,
Agar ye haal hai dil ka to koi samjhaaye,
Tumhen bhulana b chahun to kis tara bhulun,
K tum to phir b haqeeqat ho koi khaab nahi….

So true for OSL's.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Something Cheesy - I

I watched Ghajini this weekend...And as most have already seen or at least heard it’s really a nice movie.
And to put it in Mr. Innocent Devil’s word “The way the sequence of action and romance was shown in the movie, makes it stand out from the rest”. Completely agree. The mixture and the way it was mixed were good.
In fact I did not find it that action packed and I will call it more of tragic love story. (Did someone shout Eureka :)...Ya I know that is what it is and I did not observe anything new :) )
There was a very interesting scene when the Girl Kalpana (As-In) says yes to Sanjay's proposal was quite amusing. It goes like this... (I might have forgotten the words)
Kalpana – Maine 1 baje tak socha ki main tumse pyar kyun karun
Phir Maine 2 baje tak socha karne me kya burai hai
Phir maine 3 baje socha chalo try karke hi dekhte hai
I love you.........
He he he he..... you need to see the scene to know what I am talking about. It was like dude is Love so simple :)
The characterisation of the girl is awesome, a real “fall in love when you meet” kind of character.

There is a song in the movie “Kaise mujhe tum mil gae...” When I first heard and saw this song, I thought why a guy is saying “Kaise mujhe tum mil gae” in such a, I won’t say sad or depressing, but a very low sounding got to have been a happy moment or song for him...that’s why I didn’t like this song earlier and even when Mr Dev recommended me this song I did not like it much. But now after seeing the movie I feel it is the most strategically placed song I have seen (May be all the songs are done in that way only but again a Eureka moment for me :) ). The situations and scenes around that song is so perfectly placed that you heart cry out with the hero “Kaise mujhe tum mil gae, kismet pe aae na Yakeen”...So another song to my “He Sings “list. :)

After that I watched “Get Smart”...I HAD to watch it :) :) :)
Well the movie is, as mentioned to me “supposedly comic” and has Khali as one of the characterisation, and “He does not have a small role, he does have a substantial role” :) :) :) :)
I liked it for sure.
And it’s about a Detective who worked as an analyst and always dreamt of becoming a field agent one day and because of some lack of resource situation is provided an opportunity and then embarks on an unintentional funny adventure along with his beautiful partner Agent 99 in quest of the terrorists and nuclear weapons and that’s what makes it such a nice watch. It’s somewhat similar to “Jhony English” ...Pardon me if the description is bit lousy.
In this movie the first encounter of the hero “Max” with agent 99 is quite cheesy.
The heroine is jogging on the street when she collides with the hero. And he starts flirting with her. Then she asks him
Agent 99 - “Are you flirting with me?”
Max – “It depends .....Is it working?”
Agent 99 – “Not at all...”
Max (very calmly) – “Then I am not...”

Now a tough job... Have to name this post...Can’t name it “Kaise mujhe tum miloge”, already named some other post that :)

I think the main reason I started writing this was because of two amusing incidents in both the movies and there have been many such scenes in various movies that amuses me for their cheesy I will name it as “Something cheesy - I” (Yes I, as there will be many sequels to this :) )

Friday, January 2, 2009

Rohit aka Rotty.... I

“Are Jaldi Bhag nahi to Bus miss ho jaegi”, seeing the standing DTC bus at the stop , I shouted and increased my speed hoping desperately to catch it so that we will be saved from the horrendous bus ride in the private buses, which according to the passengers is full the moment they step their foot into and which for the conductor is never full even when he has close to 10 people hanging from both the doors.

In these private buses, you can always hear each of the conductor nearby the two doors shouting to the people standing there “Are undar ho jao, kitne jagah hai wahan beech me”.
From outside, on seeing the amount of people boarding it at every stop you simply wonder that this bus is somewhat similar to the tents you see in Harry Potter movies which seem so small from outside but on entering it you see that its nothing less than a huge palace but these are similar to tents only from outside.

Ok now coming back to work in hand. Somehow I felt that the DTC bus was not moving as if just waiting for us, I thought may be the bus conductor or driver has seen us running behind it or maybe he just wants to pick some passengers in this somewhat empty Friday afternoon but soon I saw the actual reason, a trailer was parked ahead of it and driver was honking desperately for it to move. I thanked the trailer driver in my heart and soon reached the bus and jumped inside. On finding it somewhat less crowded, I dropped my bag on the seat in front of gate and then looked back to see my friend who was right behind me.

What I saw, having known him for so many years, did not seem un usual to me. Hero was hanging from the door with his right hand outstretched ala DDLJ. He later told me as always that I should always roam with my guitar so that I could play a song whenever he wants me to, in this case he imagined me playing the DDLJ Tujhe Dekha to.... tune in the background.

I raised myself little from the seat and could see from the window a Girl running with a black bag hanging rather falling from her shoulder. By one hand she was holding on to her bag and by other she was trying to remove the hairs that were falling on her face. Since the driver was still trying hard to find his way across the trailer, I thought she will make without a problem but then suddenly it started moving. I got up but our hero I saw was cool, he just bent little more, quite sure to grab her hand and pull her up.

For once I thought that the DTC conductor will look up from his routine of counting the cash or tearing the ticket from the pack and look behind and signal the driver to stop but instead I saw him whistle for the driver to move. I looked outside,she was still running hard and hopefully the bus has not picked up speed yet.

Soon she was near the rear end of the bus and like our hero thought, I even thought it’s going to happen. Just then I saw her stop. A car from nowhere appeared (ok it was always there but we did not notice). She very casually boarded it leaving our hero stranded with his outstretched hand.

I was disappointed but at same time amused too.

He very calmly pulled himself little back and banged his same outstretched hand on the bus shouting “Border, border....”

That’s Rohit or as I call him Rotty........

My Whackiest Wish List....

Its a new year again and I guess most of the people are ready with their New Year Resolutions..but like many I am also a strong believer of "Resolutions are meant for to be broken" I generally don't make any...But this year I decided to make a wishlist which may seem to be little weird for many but who cares.....

So here I go..

1. I wish to have an accident - no not a life ending or bone breaking one or live long disability types... just a small one... with few bruises and cut that should pain for a while...which won't require me to take leave etc...and definitely it should involve only me, no one else...may be just driving my scooter on an empty road and I lose balance and few cuts here and there and then I am up and again driving my way back to home...thats it ...small and simple but definitely unpredictable...Just to experience the physical pain, it had been long since i experienced it

2. To smoke once - This one will require a very strong determination..For this I have a constant debate going on my head..Its bad and no good...but it gives an makes you bad....Just to experience the bad thing

3.To walk alone on a deserted road at 2.00 am in night - I don't know why it is crazy especially when this wish involves for certain that there should not be any anti social element around or anything bad invloved in should be all me and just me ..may be for around 1-2 kms...May be it will be crazy if I get up one night and open the door and just walk out on the road around my society all alone.

Right now only these three qualifies to the whackiest all are just usual goody - goody types.

Ok a fourth wish . It may not be that crazy or something that is not quite common but still I want to do it since long
4. To go and watch a movie alone (I mean not alone in the theater) but without someone whom I know. Had planned it last year but somehow couldn't go.