Thursday, March 31, 2011


Never gonna be so mature to understand or accept your behavior...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Some time later....

"Was" feeling like writing about close to 2-3 topics that was crafted in my mind since last 2-3 hours but now when I am sitting here , with a new post open in front of me, I feel so sleepy :( :( :(..will write some other time :(

Got promoted...

I just realised that I forgot to share with you people that I got promoted last to last friday. In my 3-months-less-than-5-years professional careeer , this is my second promotion.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Bought my second sun glasses and to be honest the first real ones... Now I have three...Will post a pic soon

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hey Mom hope you will read my face like you used to do when I was a kid, understand what I am going through and will let my cry while hugging you ...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I am lost!

Today I spent close to an hour sitting outside someone else's house, then walking to beneath a tree,playing endlessly with the twigs scattered on the ground and then strolling to the gate outside the block and waiting there with my eyes fixed on all the cars that passed by. And all the time I was totally drenched and smeared with tons of colors in such a way that no body could walk by without giving me a staring look. And why all this? Because I refused to go to someone's house to play holi with rest of the people with whom I was playing. How stupid and idiotic I am that I still let these things effect my actions or rather inactions in this case. I am stupid enough to still look for happiness n appreciation from others when I know I can so make myself contented with my own self world. I am still idiot enough to expect a level of understanding from others when I know I am so bad in making people understand me...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Women's Day

Just where I get down from my office bus there is a small shop which sells cigrates, bettle leaves (paan) etc and some confectioneries like Wafers. So many times I had thought of purchasing some for home but never did and infact once I was almost on the verge of buying but on not finding my favorite flavour (Lays's Cream and Onion) I decided otherwise . So today when I got down I noticed that they had it and so I thought taking one packet home.
Out of all the people in my family (we are 4 in the family), I knew that one person who will love it the most is my Mother. And I was overwhelmed by her sweet reactions. She started having it little later as she was making tea but the moment she had one she liked it a lot and till the time the last bit of it was engulfed she kept on telling "How tasty it is, isn't it? We are having it after such a long time. There is so less in it" and similar child-like reactions. All in all she was quite happy and as a result so was I :)

I was quite glad  to make  her happy especially since today is International Women's Day :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Papa main papa ban gaya....

Nowadays not only people who are part of my life are taking the plunge towards the next phase of their life by getting married , there are some too who are going one step further.

Firstly it was Sud (RJ on Radio Mirchi Delhi), who in his signature style "unknowingly" told all his listeners that his wife Monali is pregnant. Like always the innocent antiques that he did on air were really hilarious. The excitement in his voice while disclosingly hiding the same was so amusing to hear about. The way he said " Main na aap log se na ek baat chupa raha hun bahut dino se ...maine aap logo ko pata bhi nai lagne diya (this was after he gave all open hints about it on air everytime since last week).... actually ghar walo ne kaha hai ki itni jaldi sabko nahi batate...but how can I hide from u ppl...Maine naaa papa banne wala hun... Ohhh My God."

And then recently, few weeks back, my immediate boss , who is btw French and works at our France office, became a father. And he shared it somewhat like this in our weekly call...
"I have a news to share.. ,..its.. personal.., yesterday.. my.. baby.. arrived , both the mother.. and ..boy.. are doing.. good...( the "..." are the pauses he took between every word...and after an awkwardly long silence he said) And So...I .. am ...Happy "

And this happened in the next 4 calls that we attended that week with various customers :)

I know this is arguably the greatest day in everyone's life and the excitement these people showed in sharing the news made me appreciate it the more.

PS: These episodes reminded me of the song from Anil Kapoor - Kajol starrer film (I forgot the name of the film) ..Papa mein papa ban gaya...thats why this title :)

Nice thought.....

Was listening to the Bengali version of Bheegi - Bheegi (Gangster) by James and while listening to a similar line in it this thought striked me (I am not that good in understanding pure bengali so may be he is also saying the same)

"We two are just like stars in the sky, like they seem so close from distance but actually they are light years apart. In the same way although we seem close due to the proximity of physical distance between us but actually we are more than light years apart now"