Saturday, November 20, 2010

Great sporting day :)

One of the great sporting day. First Sania Mirza enters semi final of tennis singles event at Asian Games. Then India beats Pakistan in Hockey. Then most of Indian Boxers make it to semi final of their perspective events in Asian Games. Indian cricket team reduces New Zealand to 127/7. Then in the evening first Tottenham Hotspurs comes from behind to defeat Arsenal in Premier League , then ManU defeats Wigan with Rooney back on field and at the end the icing on the cake, Chelsea loses enabling ManU equal them on points and be at top of the table. All in all a nice day for me to relax after almost two hectic weeks at office. Tomorrow will go to watch a movie with Mom n Dad :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Done with it...

I know I have messed it big time. I know I have done a lot of mistakes in that relation. I have been immature, I have been a psycho. I know she does not need me at all. She is ok with how things are. I know I have screwed it up by being in love with her, by thinking that we are the best of friends, by aspiring for an exclusive relation. Over the last 2 years and half I have tried a lot to convince myself I don't need her and I have reached a level where yes I am better but yet not fully over her. But since I think I have to live in her vicinity for long so now I really want to get done with the way I have been living since last 2 years. I want to live happily.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I love dogs....

Well this story dates back to a long time back when I was learning guitar. So my guitar tutor had a dog who was quite dear to him. So one day when I went to class my tutor's father told me that today there won't be any class as he is quite upset as his dog has died. His father told me that the whole night he was awake sitting with the dog talking n embracing him. I was touched as well as I thought wow a man n dog's relation is indeed a beautiful one and although I couldn't experience it when I was a kid but now since I do feel quite alone and as they say a dog is man's best friend so I definitely should get one. So I went home and told my mom about my wish. She very cutely discarded the idea stating that Either it will be her or the dog who will live in the house. I din't push much as I realised that since she will be the one who will be mostly home and have to take care of the dog so there is no point in going ahead if she is not at all willing.

I love the way a dog and man care for each other . The way they communicate with each other without having to utter a single word. The way they hug, walk along etc.

When I was a kid I never longed for a dog because of their average living time which is around 10-12 years. I knew that I will get very much attached to my dog and the very idea of departing from them makes me feel sad, so it will be really difficult for me to get in term with his death.Thats why I never liked the idea of living with something which leaves you so early.

Nevertheless looks tough for me to have one now but I hope if I ever have kids and they want to have one I will try to be supportive :)

Apart from a dog I don't think I would like to have any other animal as pet. 

PS: Sorry I could not find the photo of the puppy I clicked once and as I mentioned earlier that will try to add a self clicked pic with every post of mine so I will update it later :)

Deepawali n Kali Puja

Deepawali or Diwali is one of the foremost festivals which is celebrated with much fervor and flare in India. It is celebrated over 5 days and is celebrated by lighting diyas (earthen lamps) , bursting crackers , distributing sweets, decorating houses with lights and lanterns ,by praying to God/Goddess, wearing new clothes and more so ever by spending time and sharing happiness with ones family and loved ones.

This occasion is marked as the victory of good over evil. 

Different religions worship different Gods on Diwali but I will mainly talk of the Gods my religion and people worship. 

We Hindus worship Lord Ganesh, god of success, and Goddess Lakshmi, goddess of wealth and prosperity.

As per Hindu Mythology on this day Lord Rama returned to his kingdom Ayodhya along with his wife Goddess Sita and brother Lakshman, after completing 14 years of exile, so his return is celebrated by lighting lamps, bursting crackers and distributing sweets.

As it is called the festival of lights (Deep meaning lamps and along with awali means rows of lamps) so it is mainly a festival celebrated at night but the excitement and the involvement can be seen throughout the day. On this day people not only distribute sweets and gifts to their loved ones but also buy decorative items, new stuffs and clothes for themselves, so weeks before the actual day, markets can be seen bursting with people.

Since I am a Bengali so we mainly celebrate Kali Puja on this day. Goddess Kali is the goddess    of power and on this day we pray to her throughout the night. 

In ancient times and also still now at some places on this day, people sacrifice animals to Goddess Kali.
Generally we fast(don't eat or drink anything ) throughout the day and after praying to her whole night we break our fast. 
As I myself never fast because the moment I break it I generally overeat :) but this time I am planning to observe it. I know it will be tough especially with so many sweets lying around but nevertheless it will be fun.

So wishing you all A Very Happy Deepawali. May God Bless You All and shower you with all the prosperity and blessing you desire and deserve :)