Saturday, January 21, 2012

Phool - II

Hey Friends, I am back to posting after a fairly long gap. Well of late life had been little unsupportive and also have not been in the best of my moods so thought of not reflecting all that here.

So today in order to clear my mind , I thought of doing something that will not only keep me busy but will also make me happy. And although in recent times photography has been one thing that I really enjoyed and since I cannot  do it the whole day , I thought of doing the next best thing i.e. sharing the ones I have clicked.

So to start I will like to present the next version of my earlier post which now I have renamed as Phool (Flowers).And this time I am glad to share the names of most of them.  (Have also updated some names in the previous Phool post.)

First of all I have these large and vibrant colored Dahlias ,which I clicked way back in 2010, on my visit to Grenoble , France. Incidently these were the earliest photos that I ever took from my Digital Cam and the photos which introduced me to the world of Macro Photography. Actually it was my colleague who taught me that and I will always be indebted to him for that.

These were growing in a park in the middle of the city council area of Grenoble and the place was really well maintained and serene.

I was thinking of sharing these since sooo long and am glad that I could finally do so.

The below ones are taken in India recently and unlike the above ones these are quite small and were growing in flower pots. Although I might be wrong in identifying them but it seems to me that they too are from Dahlia family.

Next up is another common flower, which I assume grows in almost all parts of the world, is Daisy. These ones are too from my society garden and have been clicked a week back.
I really like the way some of the photos have come up.

A Bed of Daisies

A Budding Daisy

Next up are some flowers that I clicked on my trip to Bali, Indonesia last August. These were clicked while we were walking early morning to the Nusa Dua beach. And honestly it never stuck in mind that time that the area through which we passed could have been full of flora specific to that region. It simply never stuck me and I missed out on clicking many more but luckily I clicked some.

These are called Crown of Thorns or botanically named Euphorbia milii. In my previous Phool post I have already shared some of these which incidently were clicked in my society garden and I was surprised today when I finally found their names and found them to be the same ones that are growing in my society.

Incidently in the second photo you can see a bee sucking the nectar. Unfortunately I couldn't click a better picture of the bee than this one.

This yellow colored flower is called Yellow Lantana.

The next one was clicked from the garden of the hotel in which we were staying and is named Red Ginger  or botanically, Alpinia purpuratta. Not that good a picture but the only one I clicked.

I don't know whether the next picture is that of flowering shrub or vine as I am yet to get them identified but nevertheless they were quite peculiar.

Identifying these purple flower with needle like petals was really getting tough. Infact I had them wrongly identified as some other flower and luckily while searching for another flower I landed on their correct identification. These are Blue mist flower or botanically known as Conoclinium.

Now coming back to my society garden. I am sharing few more that I couldn't share last time or have clicked in the meanwhile.

These white ones are called Carissa Macrocarpa or Natal Plum.

Next is another common flower called Plumeria or commonly known as Champa.

This one I clicked few days back and was really attracted to it. I am yet to identify what flower but would definitely like to click more pictures of this. I also liked the grey background that mud has given to this photo that has helped brighten the red color more.  Now I know that this is Poppy..


Lastly but by no means the least , is the most common flower used for religious decorations and offerings here in India. Its called Marigold and commonly known as Gendha Phool in India. I am pretty surprised that this is the only picture that I have clicked so far of this lovely flower and that too so recently . Nevertheless I feel this is one flower that I am going to click quite often.

Will come back soon with more photos....