Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Delhi Zoo ....

Last Month I went to Delhi Zoo with my family..... 
Like with my earlier recent visit to various places , this too was primarily to fulfill my desire to click some photographs but apart from that I am also an ardent animal lover and with my increased interest in photography that love too has increased manifolds..

Although I clicked scores of pictures but overall I was not satisfied with the final output. And together with the Qutub Minar photos (which I am yet to share), that too were clicked in similar evening , low light condition (evening and early morning are considered ideal for photography),  makes me ponder that I have a lot to learn as far as dusk light photography is concerned.

Although Humayun's tomb too were clicked in similar cloudy condition but luckily they have come out well, may be because I had more liberty of space while clicking them.

Nevertheless sharing some animals and birds that I was able to click... I have done some post processing and cropping in order for the subject to be highlighted properly.





Posing for the Camera... BarahSinghaS...



Indian Ghariyal


Don't know what it is ... but was quite cute

King Of The Jungle ... LION

One Horned Rhinos....

These two Rhinos were the star of the Zoo... they were so playful ..were all the time busy chasing each other... I even have a Video of these two running around but have to find ways to compress them so that I can post them on blogger....

Finally these two settled down and decided to  cool off in the pond ....
Then came these colorful Parrots...

Haven't seen a Parrot before ????

There were many animals who were at their playful fighting best.... Apart from the rhinos there were some Antelopes who too were busy fighting but I only shoot a videos of those as I find their fighting and sudden attack strategy quite amusing....

Below are two Sambars (Huge species of Deer) who were busy demonstrating their strengths to the onlookers...


Siberian Cranes ....

Above is a shot from the pond that was there in the center of the Zoo, in which herds of Siberian Cranes and many more big birds were seen perching .... They were quite large in numbers and worth watching...

As the wait for a DSLR is intching closer to an end.... I am looking forward to clicking many more animals and birds in flight :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Phool - III

Some more flower shots from my society garden....

Cockscumb Crested

Marigold I
Marigold Close up

Marigold II

Loved this shot...

The gardener has planted some sunflowers and they have now blossomed as spring is approaching....

Sunflower II
Sun Flower I

Another unknown flower that is growing in small pots in the garden...

And finally I got the name of this flower which I shared in my last post on flower which I liked a lot... This is Poppy and right now its growing in large number in my society and I plan to shoot more of it pretty soon.....

Poppy I

Poppy II

Poppy III

Poppy IV

To be continued ... :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Some Macro shot of Show pieces..

Well I just tried few Macro shots at home of the various show pieces that were lying around , so just sharing those... 

Some small pottery jugs..

In case you are wondering what Macro Photography is then just to mention in layman terms , Macro photography is one in which you are quite close to the subject i.e. when the focal distance of the subject is quite less (less than 10mm). By close it does not always physically close, has you do have certain lenses which let you zoom in to an object far of and then magnify them just like macro.

This kind of photography is generally done for insects or tiny objects in order to magnify them. And also for flowers when you like to very closely show their pattern.

Needless to say, as you guys already know , its one of my favorite kind of photography ; mainly because it provides me the most sharpest photos that are possible from my camera and also because of the low depth of field which provides a blurry effect to the objects other then on which I am focusing.

My Sister has got some dolls as present which provide as quiet an interesting subjects for Macro photography

Below is a very cute couple and I have called them Simran and Raj aka Kajol & Sharukh Khan of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaenge  as the guy depicts SRK playing the Mandolin....

You can see that in the left pic only the couple are in focus , rest all is kind of blurred. 


if you thought the above pic looked kind of creepy (at least it seems to me ) . check this macro of an insect..

This guy was quite a patient poser...he gave me ample opportunities to click it but somehow this was the best I could manage :(. If you enlarge then you can even see the hair or spikes on its leg..

As you got to know that I love this mode of photography so be prepared to see a lot more of these kind of photos from me...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

On the brink!!!

Rest In Peace..

As I stand on the brink,
ready to take a plunge to my afterlife,
I give a last thought to the stuffs,
 I am leaving behind.

Have I done a bit,
to help my folks give life a try.
Or for some souls,
to drop a tear of cry.

Now its the time to fly,
to let go of the earth that still try to hold.
To meet the earth beneath,
that will take me on journey to abode.

As I leave the brink,
and began the free fall.
A voice tells me.
you could still have done few things for people who deserved more.

No, now its done.
I cannot change a thing.
I cannot take a step back,
nor can I make another beginning.

Jump Jump Jump!!! A voice inside me yells.
There is no one coming to stop you.
Let go of the land,

As the gravity pulls me down,
I scroll through the history of my wretched soul.
I thank God for being kind to my wants,
and for not giving me what I din't deserve at all.

As I tear through the thin air on my descent down,
I feel light like a feather.
In few seconds I will be free of my miseries