Thursday, April 29, 2010

Helps to talk ...

Last Friday I attended a HR training on Team Building, so in that our trainer was citing an example while discussing inter personal relationship. So the example he cited was like this.

It was related to him and his colleague in HR. So our trainer had an experience of 7-8 years at that time and this other guy just joined in. So as we all know that HR guys are so jolly and how they always greet everyone loudly, so our trainer thought that he should make this guy feel comfortable so he went across his seat and waved him big Hi but this guy din't acknowledge that and just continued with his work. So now our trainer got really agitated because of that and from that day onwards he thought I will show this guy and everyday he used to pass through his cubicle despite it being on the wrong way of his own seat so that he could just pass through him without acknowledging him. In short he started sulking and doing things so unlike his cheerful behavior. This he did for a week then he could no longer take it, so one day he decided to confront him and tell him that his behavior that day hurt him. So one day without having any work he stayed back as this guy used to stay back daily and he went to his seat after everyone has left and he uttered his name and said I have to talk to you about something and this guy without looking at him just said "whats the matter" and just then hearing his tone our trainer realised that this guy has no issues with him and infact he don't even know that there is something wrong and our trainer thus realised his mistake and then he just changed his tone andcheerful inquired after him, his family and after that he became normal and stopped sulking.

Now although there are many points to discuss here but the point that he mentioned next is what this post is all about. He said that whenever you have a problem with anyone it only helps to talk with that person and no matter how many friends or well wishers you talk to its irrelevant.

I agree that yes it can be only resolved when you talk to the concerned person but at times when that is not possible , at that time I feel talking to anyone does help. For me there are two points why I say so. First whenever we talk to someone we feel light, for some moment we feel that the thing that is bothering us does not exist or it has been shared with someone else and second is as with my case most of the time I find people behave or react in a manner quite contrary to what I expect, when I tell them what is bothering. They reply in such a manner which shows a completely different perspective then what I am thinking. So this thing helps me to accept the things.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Love as misunderstood by me.....

Few days back (I don't exactly remember when) I was watching DDLJ. The ideal filmi love story where the guy meets the girl, initially there are those I-don't-like-you fights, then they fall in love but by that time the girls marriage is already fixed so then guy tries to win over her family especially her angry dad and at the end her father agrees and everything is just perfectly fine.

So I remember that when this movie was released I was quite young and was in school and this was and is quite popular romantic movie among people especially girls because it portray the concept of there is a prince charming somewhere for every girl who will one day come and sweep her off her feet. So if I talk with respect to hindi films there is a Raj somewhere for every girl. 

Now this post is not about those girls rather this is my take on what is there in it for guys. There are three instances in the movie which I would have love to live (ironically I cannot live the first two but I think I will experience the third one for the same girl). The first instance is when Simran asks Raj what kind of girl he wants. He just answers "Someone like you ". 

Second when they are standing on the bridge and he his playing the infamous " Tujhe dekha to ye jaana sanam" tune and he tells her looking into her eyes that " I love you" and when she is about to believe him he just says I was kidding.  So envious of him that he could do that.

And third which is the only one I will get to experience is when they are parting at the station and she asks him "Tum Meri Shaadi pe aaoge na?" and he just says "NO".

God ...

Sachin Tendulkar says that God has been kind to him. So I would like to thank God for that. Please keep being kind to him. 


Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Its been so long since I wrote anything. And I have so many things to write about starting from the Hockey World Cup match I twice went to see, then there is the IPL match I saw at Ferozshah Kotla, New Delhi, where I watched God play cricket from so close. Then there is the trip to Orchcha, Khajaraho and Bandhavgarh. Then the regular updates on the book I am reading. Also my observation on certain incidents that happened around me. Many naughty and serious things. Etc etc ... 

Although more than lack of motivation it was due to lack of interest and at times means because of which I have not written anything. Although I was busy with office work but I believe you are never busy for the things you want to do ...

Anyways in mood today to write about certain things .... :)