Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Past ..

Just yesterday I heard this dialogue in the sitcom "Criminal Minds" that I am seeing now a days; Although I cannot recall the exact words but I want it to be the below
"You cannot make peace with your past  till you again sit with it".
And here today I was made to sit at the same location in my bus where I have spent endless months a year and so back. I was made to relive the same cutting yourself off from the whole world by plunging your ear phones tight in your ears as far as they could go, listening to high pitched songs , staring expectantly outside with occasional glances at the book I am reading.
Of course it was different this time, with having a more relaxing and in control experience instead of the agonishing one months back.
I did not question the reality of the quote but for sure did not expect it to be actually happening so soon.
The best thing I love about life is that its always unpredictable and thats why it hurts more when you try to preempt things and they don't go that way. So its always good to stop trying to predict it when you know that it will take its own unpredictable course :)


  1. I guess it is part of the cycle.. to understand and appreciate the unpredictability of life.. u have to preempt and fail umpteen number of times.. i know u r an evolved human being hence the process would have been less painful for u

  2. I will reply to your this and earlier comment asap dost :)

    Sorry little occupied :(