Thursday, April 25, 2013

iSnore ...

Yes I know men are not comfortable to accept this fact but I must admit that I snore while I sleep. There has been numerous occasions where my friends have made videos of me snoring while sleeping and honestly I have no qualms in accepting it that yes I do.

I know scientifically its due to my excessive weigth that makes me to snore but now I feel psychologically too I want to snore.

Yes I understand its a cause of nuisance to people who sleep next or nearby me but still I feel that my sleep is not relaxing if I am not snoring. So as I was saying , snore does provide a mental satisfaction to me that Yes I have slept.


  1. hahahha! does this confession make ur snoring/sleep further more peaceful?

  2. He he , ek superlike ka button laga do yahan , I'll hit it many times:) :)

    I guess snoring is quite common and its not just weight , its related to respiratory functions too , and given the pollution and work pressure , EVERYBODY does snore once in a while ( i am not saying always ), coz there are people who dont snore normally but when they are really really tired - they too snore.So , i guess , its not weight.And yeah , I too snore ;)

    1. Haha ..

      What little I know ,snoring at times is caused due to excessive flesh around your throat which puts a pressure on your wind pipe and makes it to vibrate... issues with nose are also there.

      But yes I too have noticed that there are people who are skinny but still tend to snore :)