Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oath of Vayuputras and Others...

I completed Oath of Vayuputras. And I don't know if you will call a book a success if you expected it to disappoint you and it succeeds in doing so?
There are few reasons why it disappointed
1. It came quite a while after the second installment of the trilogy, so you tend to have a vague remembrance of the characters and incidents. And it takes a while for the flow to restart.
2. There was a lot of scope to play and demonstrate the passion and compassion especially the part where Shiva destroys the city (spoiler alert). There was so much opportunity to show the Rodra roop of Lord Shiv, his Tandav ( Dance of Destruction) , his anger , probably his Trinetra etc. The only passionate part I felt was the depiction of Kartik as the warior lord. The way he deployed his War tactics and the intensity with which his battles were depicted were commendable.
Rest like his previous book was mediocre. Surprisingly I came to find that he is an IIMK alumnus.
Ok I may sound hypocritical of him as I dislike his writing so much but at the same time I ardently read through his novels unlike those of Chetan Bhagat which I just labour through. I agree with his content and masala rendering he appeals to masses but I personally feel he could be more articulate. But having said that I will recommend people to read the triology and also awaiting to read his next series which he hinted to be on Mahabharata.
The next bunch of books ( I like to read couple of books at I time) I have picked are quite popular, kind of modern classics, that everyone who is into reading must have already read.
The Alchemist and The Fountainhead.
I was kind of avoiding these for the reasons that one they are popular , second I am a non fiction lover and last the font size of the copies I have seen have been too small to be comfortable.
Luckily this time I got a copy of Alchemist which is decent and I have already read most of it and should complete it by today. To be honest I find it quite simple but of course appealing. With its plot of chasing your dreams and proverbial lines ,I can see why it is so popular.
Having read few pages of Eleven minutes and then failing to proceed I had my apprehensions about Paulo Coehlo but now I am glad that I picked Alchemist and now again want to pursue Eleven minutes.
Coming to Fountainhead ,I have purchased a second hand copy long time back but never had the courage to read it, so it was lying packed as it is in my cupboard. But recently with having nothing else to read I took the plunge. With its minuscule writing I could manage few pages, I liked it and have made up mind to read at least 10 pages daily.
Having started so late to read novels is something that I regret about my life and is one thing I would like to change if given an opprotunity to start life again :)


  1. :) Kudos!! I can so relate to the feeling of having wasted time in NOT reading books :) Vayuputras - well, my copy has arrived and is still packed. Let's see when I get to it. Happy that someone else has read it and now we can go over sm nice snippets and discuss/debate/devour :)

  2. hmmm..I was also kinda disappointed by the end of the second book. I don't know when I will end up reading this one but will finish it for sure just to complete the series :)
    I also want to read fountainhead. I've heard only good things about it. I hope to get some time soon to start reading books again. :)

  3. About the Oath of the Vayuputras, I really think Amish has put a lot of philosophy in it...and anyone who likes philosophy would like the book...

    And, about reading novels late in life, its never too late to so anything :) nevertheless, i would like to thank my mom to introduce me to novels at a very young age :)

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